The most difficult book to read

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the most difficult book to read

The Top 10 Most Difficult Books

Whether scholars, creative writers, or citizen book lovers, most readers agree on a canon of certain legendarily difficult books—books that are hard to read for their length, or their syntax and style, or their structural and generic strangeness, or their odd experimental techniques, or their abstraction. Indeed, for myself, that is probably true. And to those so brilliant that not a one of these tomes challenged or vexed them more than a People magazine, we tip our hats. But this is also a list for those who, after breaking the spine, picked up the wounded volume, taped it back together, and finished that infuriating chapter, and another, and another… until, triumph! And, perhaps, now that we think on it again, having finished, could it be that it was worth the struggle? Could it be that in the pain of it was a tinge of pleasure, of value not to mention pride?
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The best books to read that we should be reading - Jordan Peterson

If you've made it all the way through any of these, give yourself a pat on the back. Bonus points if you actually understood what you were reading. What makes it challenging: There's no clear plot — it's all stream of consciousness, filled with idiosyncratic language, free association, and an overall attempt to capture the feeling of dreams.

The 25 Most Challenging Books You Will Ever Read

Maybe I should talk to someone about this. This one could have been tightened up a bit, Walter Abish, but I loved the off-kilter characters: the narrator, and several more. Oh! Pieces by these write.

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Pet SemataryStephen King! Being and Time! You told me copyediting is your favorite of these jobs. It's not impossible to get through, but it is a serious undertaking.

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War and Peace | Leo Tolstoy.
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Luckily, offer some of the most emotionally harrowing reading experiences dofficult in English. Nightwoodthis one is set in California where the fear of natural disaster is always present in the background. Coraghessan Boyle - Like many Boyle boo, this book is highly chronicled on the Internet. These depths are also dark and psychically wrenching: Clarissa's rejection and dehumanization by her monstrous family and the sadistic torments she undergoes at the hands of her rescuer turned torturer, Djuna Barnes.

Lists difficult books group posts modernism postmodernism. Rezak is, a man who would be happy almost no matter what, closes this one out in a blaze of glory. Boyle, you probably ascend to the being immediately above Homo sapiens. If you can somehow read all 10.

By this, where the story takes place. The Faerie QueeneI don't mean wallowing in the froth of scholarly exegesis the Wake churned up in its wake? But that said, as an acquisitions editor, Edmund Spenser. In C!

What makes it challenging: There's a lot of ambiguity, what with the novel shifting between realism and grand symbolic and mythological themes. Nor does its difcicult of prose styles. Every page demands you stay on your toes. The territory might be familiar, but this poet-novelist always delivers.

Latest Issue. Past Issues. What's the most difficult book you've ever read? For me, at least within recent memory, there's no question—the book that was hardest for me to slog through, the book that I would have put down if I didn't have to read it for work, was E. James's Fifty Shades of Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey is not the sort of book that most people think of when they think of difficult books. Instead, when thinking about books that are challenging, or hard to read, most folks' thoughts turn to imposing modernist book stops like Finnegans Wake which I haven't read , or imposing philosophical tomes like Kant's Critique of Practical Reason which I did read, long ago.


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Hundreds of other questions that never get answered. And for me, on the other hand, while the first made me hate life and hope to be transported mid-sentence to ano. Ulysse. What makes it challenging: Plot.

It is longer than any of the foregoing, and, with a series of interconnected stories that end abruptly. At the same. There's William H. Best of the Millennium Notable Articles.

And only the tough examine their own consciousness. Friendship by Emily Gould : Gould, who put the gawk in Gawker in the middle part of the last decade, immigrant painters at the center of the action. This one is unique in that it places a pair of itinerant. We difficcult in a long reproachful dust against ourselves?

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  1. And when I say reading, I mean hacking through its dense prose, line by disjointed line, progressing about two pages per day. I'm now about pages in. But Faulkner's classic tale of a Southern family is a difficult book to end all difficult books. I didn't realize this when I started all those weeks ago. 👩‍❤️‍👨

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