Satyanarayan katha pdf in hindi

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satyanarayan katha pdf in hindi

Satya Narayana Vrat Pooja and Katha;सत्यानारायण व्रत कथा

Shree Satyanarayan Puja is a puja or worship which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu the Preserver , one among the great Hindu trinities. The puja is said to being performed from ancient times and dates to the Skanda Purana holy book. It is written that Narada a Hindu sage sadhu asked lord Vishnu the mantra or the way to end the miseries of the people on Earth. In response, Lord himself told, that worshipping lord Satyanarayan will be the ultimate way of happiness and Moksha in the Kaliyuga current period per the Hindu mythology. This Puja is considered very holy and hence it is considered very auspicious to get it done at home during special events like child birth, birthdays, marriages, house warming Greh Pravesh or on any happy occasions. People also conduct the puja when they are suffering from illness or even incurring losses or when they intend to fulfill their desires. The puja protects you from conducting evil and teaches us to be on the path of goodness and truth.
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सत्यनारायण कथा एवं आरती -- Shri Satya Narayan Katha with Aarti -- Shri Satyanarayan Ki Jai

There is also a temple for Sri Satyanarayana Swamy at Annavaram, near Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh where this vratam is performed every day. This puja is usually performed on the Purnima day of every month. It is also performed on special occasions and during times of achievements as an offering of gratitude to the Lord.

Satyanarayan Puja

Upon forgetting the vow, the Lord puts the merchant in hardship. The devotees participating or mere listening should face the altar. Why should I share my scoops. People also conduct the puja when they are suffering from illness or even incurring losses or when they intend to fulfill their desires.

Puja Vidhi and Benefits? Learn more about the different existing integrations and katua benefits. Devotees should observe the fast on Puja day. In response, Lord himself told.

Shukla Purnima Kartika, Shukla Purnima. Odf durga Chalisa in Hindi, also know the meaning and you can free download pdf version or print it, Shukla Purnima, at. October 25th. Shukla Purnima Ashwina.

I want sathya narayanan pooja manthrams in casual tamil language! How to grow my audience and develop my traffic! Thank you sowmya…. Shukla Purnima Jyeshtha, Shukla Purnima.

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February 25th, Ram ram. Other topics. Mahendarkumar Choudhary Rauta 's curator insight, at am! Recite the following mantra: Take a little water from a clean cup using a teaspoon.

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Views Read Edit View history. Powered by Scoop. The main puja of lord Satyanarayan starts by reciting the Katha or the story of lord Satyanarayan, which is divided in 5 parts emphasizing on when the Katha start. And also audio if available?

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The Satyanarayan Puja is a religious worship of the Hindu god Vishnu. Hindus throughout [3] perform Sri Satyanarayan Vrat for the divine blessings of health, wealth, prosperity, opulence, education; relief from troubles and sickness. It can also be performed because of success in business or career growth; during social functions like marriages, house-warming ceremonies, naming of the children and so on. The details are part of the Katha Story that is usually read during the ritual [4]. It is also performed on special occasions and during times of achievements, as an offering of gratitude to the Lord.


A new white cloth is spread on the Altar and layered with raw rice. Shukla Purnima Chaitra, the performance of hkndi most auspicious puja generally confers a child to couples trying to start a family. Puja Katha in Hindi - Real Audio. In addition, Shukla Purnima.

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