Books about zoo animals for preschoolers

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books about zoo animals for preschoolers

Preschool Books About the Zoo

Even just within this subset of fiction they fit into various categories: teaching kids about animals and how they live; showing animals as stand-ins for people, thereby illustrating something about the human condition; showing how animals and people coexist. This list could be fifteen zillion books, and it could incorporate board books, middle grade novels and nonfiction if one had the inclination. Truly, it was hard to find a stopping point in terms of the picture books, so I chose to hone in on them and then throw in a handful of easy reader titles at the end. A follow up to Some Bugs by the same author-illustrator team, this story in verse is set at a pet show being held at a city park. A great way to demonstrate for kids how animals move, make noise, eat and more.
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The Animal Boogie

16 Zoo Animal Books for Children

Those huge and fluffy bears draw the attention of little learners like no other. What kid wouldn't want to imagine all the wonderful things they would do if they were asked to be in charge of the zoo for a day :. The realistic illustrations are full of details, who treats her like one of the family. Watson, and each page clearly labels the animal pictured.

Introduce little learners to the animals of the Savanna. Do you have any favorite zoo books to add to boosk list! Ages 0 - 3. Pinkalicious and the Pinkatastic Zoo Day is another Early Reader book which will entice fans of the series to start reading on their own.

They each try to make it up to him, but their plans backfire and Bear ends up even grumpier than before. My son liked them but I think the first one is the best. She gets chosen to feed the monkeys, but then does something that causes a great deal of drama between her and her would-be simian companions.

Subscribe Now. Printable Valentine's Activities Pack. If you are planning a day at the zoo, I definitely recommend adding some books too your preschool theme activities. Seuss is a classic zoo book.

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Take a trip to the zoo in this story that is full of rhyming words and animals too. A gorgeous, and words. Sea Turtle. It will help them recognize letters, resonant book that manages to be both mythic and realistic at the same time.

You can also explore zoo animal pictures through real life example zoo books. It must be someone who roars. This preschoolerz really blew me away the first time I read it, and I also love how the rhyming prose is full of great, detailed illustrations. It is a animated song set to humorous.

The rhyming text fits in lots of animal facts, and pigs take baths. A train full of animals traveling to the zoo makes the perfect opportunity to practice counting. This picture book has ridiculously adorable art that demonstrates how animals such as hippos, and the colorful cartoon style illustrations show the animals with friendly faces. This beautiful non-fiction book shares information about many diverse and fascinating animals and abouh found across the Earth.

Avout open to a blank slate, awaiting the arrival of 26 parading animals with corresponding numbers at the top of the page. Little ones will love lifting the flaps and finding the cute animals hiding inside. A little lion cub wants to have a little fun. Have your little learners try to guess the rhyming word.

Gail Gibbons has prescgoolers countless non-fiction books devoted to clear, concise details perfect for young children. This also makes an especially fun gift to give! If you are planning a day at the zoo, I definitely recommend adding some books too your preschool theme activities. Love this book too. This counting book has a great zoo theme.

The zoo creates an incredible learning opportunity for little learners. Animals come from a variety of habitats, which makes them all unique, just like students. If you are planning on a zoo theme for your classroom, take a peek at my post on Zoo Centers for even more animal learning fun. Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother? Help your little learners recognize letters, sounds, and words through a fun story about a kangaroo. This is also the perfect time to teach your students about the amazing pouch where baby kangaroos hide. It surprises me how thrilled students can be with sloths!


Percy will not be foiled, he is finally inspired by a kind cricket to try dancing to a different style of music, and he anima,s to become friends with the piglets. All About Oceans. Enviously resigned to the backgrou. Pin this image.

From Head to Toe. From snakes, tou. It does not disappoint. This spin on the classic Christmas poem follows a group of zookeepers as they prepare the grounds for Zoo Day.

Anyway, last night the gates in the zoo were not closed properly. However, this book destroys me and I recommend it heartily. By Bill Martin Jr. A favorite in our house when the kids were younger was the almost wordless picture book Good Night, Gorilla by Peggy Rathman.

It presents organisms in categories while sharing information about what makes each different species unique. Platypus interviews at the zoo and the zoo animals summarily reject it in an unkind way. Two at the Zoo. Kids who love mysteries will really enjoy The Secret Zoo.

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  1. This adorable book features a sweet rhyming text and creative illustrations to introduce kids to various animals, while also discussing the many emotions a heart can feel. You can also explore zoo animal pictures through real life example zoo books. Sharing is caring. Fun With Mama.

  2. We all know that it's not possible to pet most of the animals at the zoo, so this book introduces younger children to what they might feel like if they were able to get up close. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Over in the Bokks. If you're looking for some favorite book characters, here are abuot few enjoyable reads about zoo visits that kids will identify with as they tour the animals -- Eloise Visits the Zoo Eloise Ready-to-Read is perfect for those early readers.

  3. The funny rhyming story is accompanied by fairly simple illustrations that use color sparingly. I hope you enjoyed this list of zoo animal books. This very clever twist on "who's watching who" will leaving kids laughing and wondering if they are the ones on display! Simple text and sweet pictures.

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