Class reunion memory book template

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class reunion memory book template

Memory Book - P.A.H.S. Class of - 50th Reunion July 27 - 29,

If you are in charge of organizing your upcoming class reunion, you'll need to create a program to give the attendees. You can do this on your own in Microsoft Word using the "Book Fold" feature. A great class reunion booklet will have a perfect combination of nostalgia and positive thoughts for the future. Create a new document. Your finished booklet must have an even number of pages such as four, six, or eight.
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Class Reunion

Are you wondering what goes in a reunion memory book? The quick answer is anything you want. However, once you begin to plan your layouts, the task can seem a little daunting.

How to Create a Class Reunion Booklet

List3 These people have RSVP'd and said they will come to the reunion but they have not bought a ticket yet. You can even initiate a tribute book where people can share comments and memories, because you can simply point people to your FAQ page. Create a weekly trivia clqss and award token prizes. This will save you from reunin to answer countless emails and phone calls, and this book can be presented to the family following the event.

Basic Subscription Free. No Cost. In memory of section for classmates that passed away! List the scheduled times next to each segment of the event.

A "Then and Now" gallery of photos is a fun way to bring everyone up to date. Is there a target price. Add to total Build into price! Whatever you can think of.

You can then copy that image and make it available to everyone or just give it away in an auction or as a prize. Pay memiry to deceased classmates by creating a memorial display. Official Program Arrange a host for the evening. Knowing that they will be at the reunion creates an added incentive for those classmates who are still on the fence.


Memory books are the true souvenirs of a reunion. They are also known as photo books or programs. They can be distributed at the reunion or sent out post-reunion, and may be hardcover, soft cover or on DVD. Creating one takes time, persistence and the ability to gather information every time you make contact with a classmate. Before you get started with the memory book itself, you are going to need information about your classmates.

Leverage the power of social media by letting them promote the reunion for you. Balloon bouquets and streamers in your school colors is a well-used idea. You can see why most committees opt for hotels. To establish an effective committee, choose your members carefully. Related Posts.

With our easy-to-use design wizard, you can pick a template, quickly tailor it to your school, and have a website ready to go in minutes. You can create a website in just minutes with no special skills required, no cost, and no commitments. So the best thing to do is to just go ahead and get started so that you can see all of what's possible. ClassQUEST websites come preloaded with a welcome message and all the pages you need to start connecting classmates and selling tickets. ClassQUEST is the perfect way to start gathering classmate information, get classmates connected, and prepare for the big event.


No problem. What kind of Group Travel are you planning. Keep them funny and light, and in good taste.

Memorial Pages Pay respect and tribute to classmates who have passed on? Call each classmate Split the class list up among committee members. Start a Free Reunion website Now! Broadcast email to all classmates simultaneously.

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