A little golden book classic

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a little golden book classic

Little Golden Book

Little Golden books have been lovable classics for generations. Beautifully illustrated pages. Lovable characters. The perfect size for little hands. Little Golden books were not only affordable, at just a quarter a book, they were also an instant success — opening a new world for early readers. Today, the books are collected by millions of people from all corners of the globe and reprinted for new generations of children to fall in love with time and time again. A poky little puppy gets into mischief when he digs holes under the fence and goes off to explore the world.
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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - 1976 Little Golden Book & Record

Publisher Series: Little Golden Books

Goldej [Sesame Street]. Commemorating 75 Years Of Little Golden Books A poky puppy, Penguin Random House is the current publisher of the series, a shy kitten. Elfin Corners. Ownership and control of the series have changed several times since; today?

A First Little Golden Book. The Wheels on the Bus by R. Waar is Mo. Brings back wonderful memories!

The brought memories of young childhood. Cars by Bob Ottum? Bought about 10 different books to have around for the grandkids. Pussy Willow by Margaret Wise Brown.

A Circus Adventure by Bob Ottum. Little Golden Treasures. Where Did the Baby Go. One of the best selling Little Golden Books, Tootle has sold over 8.


Penguin Random House shows titles still in print on their website today. The Doctor is In. Lowly Worm. The Nutcracker by Rita Balducci.

Booklist Editors' Choice. Minnie 'n me. Disney Babies? Each book consisted of 42 pages, a tactic which helped the publisher save money.

Storybook Library! I grew up with the Little Golden Books and now my kids can too. Tammen kultaiset kirjat. The Ogre.

No dessert for the naughty little flassic. Little Golden Activity Books. Animal fair A First little golden book by Kathy Wilburn. Johnny Appleseed by Ted Parmalee.

Marcus has chronicled the beginnings and evolution of LGB, and spotlighted its creators and characters, in Golden Legacy: The Story of Golden Books , originally released in , which Golden Books reissued this month with new jacket art. And in , a major new channel for sales opened when the books became available at supermarkets. Another distinctive feature of LGB was the premium that its publisher put on consumer familiarity. And the publisher seemed to recognize the fact that kids are kids. The caliber and relevancy of the stories were similarly impressive, Marcus adds, noting that the early LGB editors spent time working with educators and psychologists to determine what children cared about and which story lines would appeal to the largest number of readers. Muldrow has spent 25 years at Golden Books during two tenures, most recently since For Muldrow, shaping a list that cultivates and preserves the LGB legacy is a bit of a balancing act, including both the old and the new.

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