Vicious circle book wilbur smith

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vicious circle book wilbur smith

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He lay for a second assessing his situation, checking for danger, his warrior instincts taking control. Then he smelled her delicate perfume and heard her breathing as softly and regularly as the dying surf running up a distant beach. All was well, and he smiled and opened his eyes. Gently he rolled his head so as not to awaken her. The early sun had found a chink in the curtains and through it had laid a sliver of beaten gold across the ceiling. It cast an intriguing light on her face and form.
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Vicious Circle

I'll be re-reading his older work. No trivia or quizzes yet. Gently he rolled his head so as not to awaken her!

What I don't know is what makes you so certain this is a girl. She put her hand down there! For those who read Wilbur Smith because it is WS, they will probably enjoy. For me I will approach the next addition to this series with caution!

What I don't know is what smitj you so certain this is a girl? For there are worse things in Cross' world than terrorist kidnappers, and those evils are set on obliterating everything he holds most dear. Is Vicious Circle His last book. I have read everyone of his books, starting back in the mids with "When the Lion Feeds"?

Noreen Oct 24, You know it gives me goose bumps all over. His research and then vircle blending such makes the Cross series great reads. Anyway, my new Range Rover is waiting for me.

The trust Bannock had set up to take care of his heirs is what leads to the conflict in the story. He hurried across the waiting room and knocked on the inner door. I usually like his books and there viciois always one or two scenarios that gross you out! It speaks volumes that this is entertaining.

How much can it all be squeezed into one book. With his history of abuse of his sisters publicly exposed, Carl's personal and professional life is destroyed by a public trial. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references. I usually like his books and there is always one or two scenarios that gross you out.

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Written to sell to the mindless movie set I would guess. Difficult to tell the good guys from the bad sometimes and the dialog was often disappointing for a novelist of his caliber. Vicious Circle: Love. For no particular reason except that it was one of just a few Smiths on the shelf, I grabbed Circle for my week-beach-reading. Certainly this adult adventure action novel hits the spot if you have a hankering of sado-masochism, violence, sex, execution by a variety of methods, torture and deceit. At places it becomes downright vicious.

Sickens me. Wilbur Smith. The ease with which he exercises his lordly privilege over his household staff and minions is another part that just felt grossly tone-death and hard to stomach. I'm sad that this is actually a best seller. To ask other readers questions about Vicious Circleplease sign up.

Determined to fight back, Hector draws together a team of his most loyal friends and fellow warriors to hunt down those who pursue him and his loved ones. For he and Hazel have a child, a precious daughter, whom he will go to the ends of the earth to protect. Soon, however, Hector learns that the threat comes not just from his old enemies, but also Hazel's. Brutal figures from her family's past—thought long gone—are returning, with an agenda so sinister that Hector realizes he is facing a new type of adversary. One whose deadly methods and dark secrets will lead Hector to a series of crimes so shocking that he has no choice but to settle the score.

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  1. Word Wise: Enabled. To me, this novel was even more over the top then previous. With the death of Hazel, Catherine is now the final heir. Vicious Circle: Love.

  2. For he and Hazel have a child, this is the book for you, a precious daughter. If you like gratuitous violence, please sig. His Birds of Prey trilogy helped lift me out of a deep depression several years ago. To see what your friends thought of this book.🤼‍♂️

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