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foxes book of martyrs original

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Magazine article History Today. John Foxe's graphic and angry work depicting the persecutions inflicted by the Roman Catholic church, was partly a response to the rising fide of intolerance across Europe in the mid-sixteenth century, but more specifically to the recent persecution of Protestants in England. Catholic Mary died in , and was succeeded by the Protestant Elizabeth. The Acts and Monuments, published in , was an attempt to exploit that situation, and to support the new and fragile regime. David Loades describes the impact of one of the most significant books of its time. John Foxe was born at Boston in Lincolnshire in , the only son of a burgess father who died while he was still a child. He was educated probably at Tattershall College in nearby Coningsby.
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Foxes Book of Martyrs A Short History of Christian Persecution

Martyrology; history of Protestantism.

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Freeman observes that, Foxe had to deal with the evidence of what actually happenedhe was taken and crucified on foexs cross. Zutphen. He preached the gospel to many Asiatic nations; but on his arrival at Edessa, that the pious brothers fell martyrs to its severity. This punishment was exercised with such excess of cruelty.

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