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Concentrate on drawing small blocks of patterns at a time; going with the flow lets your mind get into a calming zen state. Once you get the hang of it and have a few basic Zentangles under your belt, let your mind wander and be as creative as possible! Invent your own patterns and see what your imagination comes up with. Use a pen or pencil to draw strings. Strings are the lines that divide the shape into individual sections. Choose a section to start with and fill it with a repetitive pattern. There are no mistakes in Zendoodling.
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Zentangle Inspired Flowers/ Zendoodle Art / Beginner

Zentangle for Kids

Whereas Joy contains simpler instructions. Commercial use of any content is prohibited. After these color lessons, the last 14 lessons days are quite artsy and in my opinion, a only black and white rule and you can only use official Zentangle patterns. There is also a do not erase rule.

I use a high-quality, blank spiral-bound journal I inherited from Damien who used the first few pages for some doodling of his own! Ever since I started posting photos of my tangles on Instagram I've been asked how I learned and what books I recommend. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable bdginners is anonymized. I've done six patterns and came back to look at yours.

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It can look and seem intimidating to start when you see some of the intricate works of tangle art floating around out there. The secret of Zentangle? I look back at my first attempts at Zentangle, which actually happen to be my most popular blog posts, and they look sort of awkward to me now, but wow, were they fun to do! I came up with my first Zentangle project just because I wanted an easy way to try tangling myself. As you get into it, you can start a sketchbook to keep track of your favorite Zentangle patterns. Here are some Zentangle ideas to get you started. If you are a sketchbook junkie like I am, this is the perfect excuse to buy a new, fresh sketchbook and fill it with hours and tangling and dreaming.

And what is so wonderful about Zentangle and other abstract drawing is that it's not supposed to look like anything you can recognize and so you can't draw it wrong but you sure can draw it wonky, as I have experienced. Concentrate on drawing small blocks of patterns at a time; going with the flow lets your mind get into a calming zen state? I recently had received a Zentangle get well card from family in Tasmania and was fascinated because it was created by a very young nephew and it was beautiful. Announcement: Join TanglePatterns. I was hooked.

Zentangle turns drawings into artistic design while reducing stress and improving focus. This relaxing process can be done anywhere and no artistic talent is needed. Embellish journals, scrapbooks, art, paintings, and cards. There is really no limit to creativity. The Zentangle Basics book helps students and educators get started.

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