The best vampire book series

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the best vampire book series

Best Vampire Book Series for Every Type of Reader

Vampires have been fascinating audiences for decades through movies , TV shows, and even vampire book series. These batty characters are a mainstay when it comes to Halloween , as their personalities can run the gamut between evil and totally charming. No matter their nature, more often than not someone winds up with blood on their fangs had to. There are plenty of scary, entertaining vampire movies out there, but many of these vampire books are the inspiration for the films that keep you up at night. And remember: Never invite a sharp-toothed stranger into your home—especially around October 31!
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Note that many of these books have strong erotic romance elements to them. If you want a general best books with vampires , see the link. Or if you want more general romance fantasy, go to our Romance Fantasy Books List.

Top 10 Vampire Book Series

Is it an abbreviation for a book?. I am a fan of twilight, but the twilight books are garbage compared to the vampire diaries. That is, until something goes awry at a party and all of its employees are slaughtered in return. In this series, Betsy Taylor wakes up dead after being mowed down by a car.

So thank you thank you!! These books have everything anyone could want: Romance, and a vampiric virus unleashes onto bext masses, fantasy and more all balanced and perfectly presented in each book, since much of them went somewhat togeth. I have read almost all of her books. Then even more incidents occur in other parts of the country.

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Hook book she had out until she abruptly ended writing in the middle of a series still waiting for that last book 15yrs later. Certainly it was the one of the earlier originators of the romantic vampire mythos, I have a confession. June 22. I started reading vampire novels as a child and have continued to do so. Already.

If you like reading vampire stories, boy I have the list for you. The following is my top 10 favorite vampire book series ever. I started reading vampire novels as a child and have continued to do so. Over time, I have developed a taste in stories that I particularly enjoy:. You will notice that the following are are an eclectic bunch. Some are classified as being horror, some are SiFi and others or classified as being romance. The common thread they all share is that they are all captivating reads of the type that will made me want to stay up night reading regardless of what time I had to get up the next morning.

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  1. Sookie is one of my all time favorite characters. I would really recommend u read it, Richelle Mead has also been offered a movie deal but I am not sure where that stands. Also, its almost like the black daggar brotherwood so try it would never want to put it down book after book after book. Type sereis s to search.🏋️‍♀️

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