Best book for ob gyn shelf

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best book for ob gyn shelf

The Best Books for Medical School: Clinical Rotations - #Lifeofamedstudent

Premedical students prepare to begin their training; seasoned first year medical students disperse to conduct research, travel or volunteer; second year medical students emerge from their study caves to see the light of day following the grueling USMLE Step 1 and begin to infiltrate the wards; third year medical students apply to away rotations, compile their resumes, ask for letters and prepare for the best year of medical school; fourth year medical students participate in commencement festivities and bask in the final days of freedom before residency. Anyway, this entry is meant to provide a list of the resources I used to study for my third year clerkships and shelf exams. The most important pieces of advice I can provide to medical students starting third year clerkships:. I know a lot of students who swear by it — so definitely check it out and decide for yourself. The clerkships are listed below in the order that I completed them.
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Nucleus Obstetrics and Gynecology Demo (2010)

Third year is definitely not easy. It can be very overwhelming spending all day and night in the hospital and having to run home to study. No worries, instead of wasting a rotation figuring out the right study materials, just scroll down.

MS3 Clerkships: Information Resources: OB/GYN

Read through the appropriate section before your shelf to refresh your memory on the high-yield topics. I thought this book was amazing because it told you everything you need to know about each part of the patient encounter. You just need to solidify the treatment. You have seen the majority of information already, but it provides specific details that are expected from third year students.

Online resources - One amazing resource is Online MedEd. On the day before my shelf, I tried fod not overdo it on the studying. In contrast, Step 2 CK is about forcing you to think like a physician. I feel like even the nice doctors get burnt out and stressed out in this field.

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Your actions and the actions of fir sisters reflect poorly on your field. Besides that, the best way to prepare is by having a clear and well-rested mind. Leave this field empty. I had nothing to do. High- Yield Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Also known as obstetrics and gynecology — medicine for child birth and vaginas. Think of this as a surgery rotation with less surgeries, less men, less hours, and a whole lot more bitchiness. Frankly, it is not my cup of tea and I can never envision myself in this field. This rotation began after my internal medicine rotation. I heard that the rotation was chill. I also heard that it was tough.

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  1. When I was going through third year, I found that a systematic and multi-resource approach allowed me to cover all the content for the shelf exam. I studied throughout the entire block, which was six weeks at my medical school. 🤾‍♂️

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