Best audiobook version of pride and prejudice

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best audiobook version of pride and prejudice

Hear Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice as a Free Audio Book | Open Culture

Against the background of gossipy Mrs Bennet and the detached Mr Bennet, the quest is on for husbands for the five daughters. The spotlight falls on Elizabeth, second eldest, who is courted by Mr Darcy though initially she is more concerned with the fate of her other sisters. This marvellous account of family life in Regency England is read with vigour and style by Emilia Fox. Download PDF booklet. Currently, restrictions on the delivery of files to mobile devices mean our download titles must be downloaded to a desktop computer and then transferred to the mobile device. Download links are also delivered to you via e-mail: see Download Shop — How It Works for more details. Naxos AudioBooks presents us with a professionally produced and finely crafted jewel in this audio recording of Pride and Prejudice.
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Pride and Prejudice Full Audiobook by Jane Austen - listen or download mp3

Cancel anytime. At Thornfield, Jane meets the complex and mysterious Mr. Rochester, with whom she shares a complicated relationship that ultimately forces her to reconcile the conflicting passions of romantic love and religious piety.

Pride and Prejudice

Rosamund Pikes's voice acting is neither shrill nor muttled. High quality. Oh Dear. Which is probably why I hate this book so badly.

Review Just perfect, I couldn't believe how good Rosamund Pike's voice acting talents are, setting into motion a long and tragic chain of events that brings Victor to the very brink of madness. Jane - I couldnt help but imagine her from the movie also. Gyllenhaal's performance is a faithful delivery in the voice of Nick Carraway, the Midwesterner turned New York bond salesman. In trying to create li.


Arrogant, self-willed, what needs to be said. Roberta. As for the novel! Reviewer: Angela - October 15?

But his expectations are fraught with difficulties versionn he is haunted by figures from his past such as the escaped convict Ma. You bewitched me body and soul. I enjoyed hearing it and is way better then a movie or any kind of play. And the reading was excellent.

Cancel anytime. One of Jane Austen's most popular novels. Arrogant, self-willed, and egotistical, Emma is her most unusual heroine. Anne Elliot has grieved for seven years over the loss of her first love, Captain Frederick Wentworth. But events conspire to unravel the knots of deceit and misunderstanding in this beguiling and gently comic story of love and fidelity.

Elizabeth Klett s reading of it is so enticing. Sally-Ann Andrew Brilliantly narrated classic. Buy on CD at NaxosDirect. She has a gift of reading.

Basically we have some universally acknowledged truths, mainly about rich dudes being in want of a wife. So, then the Bennet girls all go to this party or whatever and Jane hits it off with Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth is all supportive of that. Only, Mr. Darcy is being a cockblock. Of course.


Pride encounters prejudice. The book is a great enjoyment to listen too. I have found that audio books are a great way for teenagers pfide tackle the classics that are often set for school. What did you like best about this story.

Perfection I could only have enjoyed this more if Jane Austen herself had narrated it. Neither on the website nor on apple podcast. She gives a lively and nuanced reading, I do love to hear about the shenanigans of her family at the Netherfield ball or in town. As much as it is not enjoyable for Lizzie, showing a well-known story in a fresh aspect.

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  1. The Second World War by Antony Beevor and Pride and Prejudice The Second World War by Antony Beevor, read by Sean Barrett (40hrs unabridged, Audible download, £, And Neil Conrich, the only male reader, is good value. The chicklit versions, Mr Darcy's Letter by Abigail Reynolds and.

  2. Reviewer: Madina - March 15, the best reading Bethany New Zealand Jane Austen's words and Rosamund's voice equals perfection! A Classic.

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