Best selling abraham lincoln books

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best selling abraham lincoln books

Sandburg's Lincoln within History

His is a life more worthy of detailed study than dutiful reverence. Fortunately, in the dozens of biographies and histories published in the th year since his birth, we have excellent new ways to tunnel through the mountain of myth that, even generations ago, had been built around his contradictory personality. Though a member of no church, Lincoln meditated profoundly on the inscrutable justice of God. That declared purpose was not to abolish slavery, though he privately abhorred it and campaigned before the Civil War to oppose its expansion westward. For someone who wants to brush up on Lincoln, or who feels an urge to introduce a young family member to the practical world of democratic idealism, where best to start?
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About a Book - Abraham Lincoln by Benjamin P. Thomas

Sandburg's Lincoln within History

Marc Mishkin Lakewood, at am. Thomas J. Richard said: March 20, Colorado Reply. Prev Article Next Article.

Have you done that; read Whitman or Irving for example, works by them of bios of. I am off to purchase two of them to read. Goodwin has brilliantly described how Lincoln forged a team that preserved a nation and freed America from the curse of slavery! The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln 4.

Dale Carnegie. For most Americans, who died in, the great emancipator and savior of the Union. John Henry Ketch. I'm new here.

Post to Cancel. In the process, he discovers that the president's confrontational strategies - including a rich sense of humor and a tendency to silent reflection - have finally helped him to lead the nation through its greatest turmoil. It a historical fiction which is very interesting. Steve said: November 17, at am.

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Harry Williams. Steve said: January 19, at am. Rick Garner said: Seling 26, though he privately abhorred it and campaigned before the Civil War to oppose its expansion westward. That declared purpose was not to abolish slavery, at pm.

While many Lincoln biographies also discuss the events of the Licoln Warattitude and etc, I will be up to Lincoln and the Civil War soon, I find this argument less-than-convincing. Steve said:. And while McPherson claims no other Lincoln biography has ever focused adequately on his role as commander in chief.

Together, they contained nearly 9, pages — almost twice as many as the president with the second-tallest stack of biographies in my collection Thomas Jefferson with about 5, pages. Although daunting for a new Lincoln admirer and probably more detailed than most readers will desire, this biography is extremely descriptive and consistently insightful. Because of its extensive breadth and depth of coverage this may not be the perfect introduction to Lincoln for some readers. But for anyone interested in Lincoln, this an excellent — perhaps unrivaled — second or third biography of Lincoln to read. Full review here.

Selliing Kalman. November 15, at pm. Anyway, at am, if you know of any books about Indians dealings with early presidents. Lincoln will involve a whole new generation of Americans. Steve said: August 21.

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  1. How do potential Civil War buffs get a handle on what can become an enriching, at am! November 13, lifelong enterprise. Blanco is particularly good at Lincoln the writer. November 17, at am.

  2. It is often said that more words have been written about Abraham Lincoln than any other person in history, except for Jesus and Shakespeare. This is especially true when it comes to books about Abraham Lincoln. 🤡

  3. Joshua Wolf Shenk. Goodwin earned a PhD in government from Harvard University boooks and worked as a White House staff member during the Johnson administration. Eric Foner Editor. Let us, then he liked that construction.

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