The 100 best business books of all time list

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The 31 most influential books about business - Business Insider

Understand some of the most important business milestones and theories of the last years. We've gone through our existing "best-of" lists and others to determine which business histories and management and investing guides have been most critically acclaimed. We stayed away from academic books and biographies, and by limiting ourselves to just 15 titles, the final list is not exhaustive. But if you familiarize yourself with these 15 books, you will be left with a thorough understanding of some of the most important business milestones and theories of the last years. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James B. Stewart defined a style that's been often imitated: the business investigation as thriller. Since it was first published in , it has inspired countless entrepreneurs to disrupt industries, as well as avoid being disrupted once they achieve success.
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100 Classic Books Of All Time

The 31 most influential books ever written about business

Todd Sattersten is the mechanical engineer from General Electric that turned to literature and who previously was the president of the company but now helps business experts realize their dream of writing books. Titan The Life of John D. You just clipped your first slide. Jeff Bezos.

Open Preview See a Problem. John Doerr. At the end of each review, Jack and Todd direct readers to other books both inside and outside The Best. Fred DeLuca.

There are ten thousand business books published each year and way over a hundred thousand in print. Most business books are worthless drivel, some are a good article fluffed out into a thin book, and maybe out of those hundred thousand are worth reading.
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Related Posts. These ethos can also be applied to mature companies? Marcus Lemonis. Peter Thiel. Charles Koch.

Warren Buffett — arguably the most skilled investor of our time — said reading pages a day was the key to success. It builds up, like compound interest," he explained. That's probably why so many important businesspeople make reading a daily ritual. It's why Bill Gates reads 50 books every year roughly one per week and perhaps why Mark Zuckerberg kicked off with the goal of reading one every other week. If you want exposure to new ideas, modes of thinking, and a compounded aggregate of diverse knowledge, then reading is important.

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