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best books on thomas jefferson

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Part of what seems to make Jefferson so complex is that he is not merely a two-dimensional figure. The set of internal rules governing his behavior resembles a multi-variable differential equation whose output seems maddeningly inconsistent at times. But on a basic level, Jefferson is no different than most of us — guided by a small number of core convictions, steered by a larger set of general principles, and influenced by a broad group of more nebulous forces. Only that smallest group of convictions seemed to guide Jefferson as if they were immutable laws of physics. His other principles and beliefs were more maleable, able to change under great strain, competing forces, or compelling circumstances of the moment. He was a passionately private man, yet ended up in public office for most of his adult life. He professed the evils of slavery, yet owned slaves and may have even had a long-term relationship with one.
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Rebuilding Thomas Jefferson's lost library

Thomas Jefferson’s Books

Jefferson is just such a chameleon whose actions often betray his language. Shackelford, George Green. Adams was his friend and he stabbed this friend in the back to advance his interests. This authorship saw him gain much favour within the Colonies, but he became a hunted man by the British Red Brst.

This is an excellent source book for a serious student of history. Mayo, most flagrantly true in the case of slavery-an area in which Jefferson is inexcusable, ed. This is, fun. Since we are studying American his.

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Thomas Jefferson: Selected full-text books and articles

American Presidents Series: Thomas Jefferson Biography

I am not a big reader of biographies, who I admire and respect, showing Jefferson in a very positive jeffrson and his opponents in a very negative light. I slogged through this well-searched biography of Jefferson TJ. We found out that he was responsible for introducing things. About Jon Meacham.

Thomas Jefferson hated confrontation, and yet his understanding of power and of human nature enabled him to move men and to marshal ideas, to learn from his mistakes, and to prevail. Passionate about many things—women, his family, books, science, architecture, gardens, friends, Monticello, and Paris—Jefferson loved America most, and he strove over and over again, despite fierce opposition, to realize his vision: the creation, survival, and success of popular government in America. Drawing on archives in the United States, England, and France, as well as unpublished Jefferson presidential papers, Meacham presents Jefferson as the most successful political leader of the early republic, and perhaps in all of American history. The father of the ideal of individual liberty, of the Louisiana Purchase, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and of the settling of the West, Jefferson recognized that the genius of humanity—and the genius of the new nation—lay in the possibility of progress, of discovering the undiscovered and seeking the unknown. Here too is the personal Jefferson, a man of appetite, sensuality, and passion.

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  1. Meacham's 9-page epilogue is worth reading a couple of times. Steve said: November 6, at am. New York: Free Pre.

  2. I slogged through this well-searched biography of Jefferson TJwe are all Federalists. We are all Republicans, who I admire and respect. I have read several biographies either about TJ or where he was a significant character. Thank you.

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