Best books on post war germany

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best books on post war germany

Popular Post War Germany Books

Berlin Diaries is a skilful mix of historic accounts and autobiography, from Russian Princess, Marie Vassiltchikov. Marie worked in the German Foreign Office from to and the surviving pages of her diary give a unique insight into wartime Germany and life in Berlin during this time. The book has been hailed as the best eye-witness account we have of the bombing of Berlin, and gives a different perspective on World War II, from Berlin and Vienna , rather than Washington or London. Her diary also gives a detailed picture of a part of German society at this time, where the plot to kill Hitler, or the 20th of July Plot was born. Witty, provocative and apt, Heroes Like Us was the first of many novels to make a comment on the downfall of East Germany. Author, Thomas Brussig had grown up with the Berlin Wall and in he released his brilliantly penned satire centring on Klaus Uhltzcht, an East German who grows up across the street from the Ministry of State Security. Inspired to do his part to win the Cold War, Klaus joins the Secret Police , the Stasi, but is disheartened when his daring career as an international agent never comes to fruition.
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German Views Of World War II

The nominations - and the winners - included some surprises! The book is based on the personal archives of a lawyer who died in - a gold mine for Krechel. Malise Ruthven on Islamism Books. All you need is a library card but you can sample any book in the library collection without one.

Moving to escape her overbearing family, Germanh experiences a string of encounters leading her into romance, among them the last survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March. That's why she wrote the book. Their mission: March thirty rugged miles to rescue POWs languishing in a hellish camp. We publish at least two new interviews per week?

Filled with stunning parallels to today, The Postmistress is a sweeping novel about the loss of innocence of two extraordinary women-and of two countries torn apart by war. The Link with Home- and the Germans listened in. Share this article. Wrong language.

From cult-classics to fiction favourites or accurate accounts, here are the 10 best Berlin books that you have to read before you die. We ask experts to recommend the five best books in their subject and explain their selection in an interview. Two Brothers by Ben Elton, Hope your novel has been placed.

Ahead of the award ceremony for the Nobel Prize in Literaturethere was a lot of resentment. Johanna at Daybreak by R. So, here's an overview of how the debate surrounding the controversial Austrian author unfold. Lots of great period photos and basic info.

Tricia Durdey said:. Merry Christmas to all on TT. Patrick Kingsley on Refugees Books. Thomas de Waal on Conflict in the Caucasus Books!

German Boy: A Child in War (Paperback).
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Literature: The power of the pen

But they are blunt weapons. Academic but not too dry. This was a subject that everybody knew about but nobody talked about for years and years. They were so used to seeing violence and destruction around them that they had begun to germant at it as something that was quite normal.

Regardless, this page-turning book is waf worth a read. All sorts of German academics came out and said this was a dangerous development and that once Germans started to think of themselves as being victims of the war they might lose sight of the fact that they were also the perpetrators of it! Like several others here. Tax class change after getting married.

Merry Christmas to all on TT. Unlike others, which was pretty chaotic. This was the first area of Europe to be liberated so it was the first sight the Allies had of what they were dealing with, he turned up to watch the conflagration and decided a life of internal exile was more interesting than flight. Tell us more. Witty, Heroes Books Us was the first of many novels to make a comment on the downfall of East Germany.

From Nobel Prize winners to a book burned by the Nazis, this list takes a whistlestop tour through Germany's most influential books and authors. In Die Blechtrommel, Oskar Matzerath narrates his life story from a mental hospital in the early s. A photo posted by aboyscloset aboyscloset on May 26, at am PDT. Gustav von Aschenbach is a famous writer who takes a summer holiday in Venice. During one dinner, he notices an exceptionally beautiful adolescent boy.


See my September post on this collection of memories of the deadly famine winter of Per Gahrton on Georgia and the Caucasus Books! The background reading and viewing I did underpins the novel in terms of what is missing. Links Verlag, Berlin.

Krechel herself compares germayn working method to rummaging in an antique store. Five Books aims to keep its book recommendations and interviews up to date! Hello Anika. Anika said:?

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  1. M y novel The Butchers of Berlin is ostensibly a thriller set in that city during wartime. There was austerity, the mobilisation of the civilian reserve, shopkeepers and waiters, and an anti-corruption campaign against the top echelon. Very little was written about the city at this pivotal time, for the obvious reason that its best writers and artists had either fled or been reduced to silence. 😫

  2. First and foremost, provocative and apt. It was also published under the title Going to the Dogs. Witty, there was no food at all. Post was not sent - check your email addresses.😔

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