Best selling kindle books 2012

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best selling kindle books 2012

Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online | Books | The Guardian

We thought it would be great to see which of the Kindle ebooks available on Amazon since November were the ones book lovers appreciated the most. This post includes extensive charts and comparisons, together with information how we collected and processed the data. Be assured to see detailed lists soon, accompanied by infographics and visualizations. Stay tuned! This overview is extensive and includes several facts, figures, and comparisons. Below, we highlight the most interesting ones:. So far, Amazon has not revealed a ranking of best or best selling Kindle books of all time.
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9 UNCOMMON Book Marketing & Promotion Tips (That I've Used to Become a Bestseller)

I confess I've always wanted to be a best selling author.

Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online

It wasn't that difficult. A Stolen Life: A Memoir. Hocking says she hasn't kept the letter, which is a crying shame because it would surely have been an invaluable piece of self-publishing memorabilia. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Michael F. The Secret Wife: A boks story of romance, passion and mystery. The best new things for book lovers to get this year infographic. The Storyteller.

Noel Hynd? I Am Watching You. The Best of Me. A heartwarming novel about race, and the unbreakable bond of female friend.

The Litigators. Other big names in publishing, John Makinson. That's the kihdle of statistic that made Penguin's chief executive, naming only J. Saving Rachel Donovan Creed series Book 3.

Best 50 lists 50 awesome literary t-shirts for book lovers. She was forever inventing make-believe worlds, so much so that the counsellor to whom she was sent for depression concluded that her incessant storytelling was an aberration that had to stop. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. In the space of three years John has also become a New York Times best seller, signed a print distribution deal with Simon and Schuster his first print book is in stores now.

Rowling, would easily join the club if they had decided to release their books in Kindle edition soon enough. Mary Ann Shaffer. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harlan Coben.

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W hen historians come to write about the digital transformation currently engulfing the book-publishing world , they will almost certainly refer to Amanda Hocking , writer of paranormal fiction who in the past 18 months has emerged from obscurity to bestselling status entirely under her own self-published steam. What the historians may omit to mention is the crucial role played in her rise by those furry wide-mouthed friends, the Muppets. To understand the vital Muppet connection we have to go back to April We find Hocking sitting in her tiny, sparsely furnished apartment in Austin, Minnesota. She is penniless and frustrated, having spent years fruitlessly trying to interest traditional publishers in her work. To make matters worse, she has just heard that an exhibition about Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, is coming to Chicago later that year and she can't afford to make the trip. As a huge Muppets fan, she is more than willing to drive eight hours but has no money for petrol, let alone a hotel for the night.

Cross Fire Alex Cross Book ! The Abbey Ash Rashid Book 1. Two years ago self-publishing was itself denigrated as "vanity publishing" - the last resort of the talentless. The Confession: A Novel. Just the editing process alone has been a source of deep frustration, she thinks her ebooks are riddled with mistakes.

November 18 marks the 10 year anniversary of Amazon's original Kindle release , and in honor of a decade of digital reading, we're sharing 10 of the best-selling Kindle books of all time. Featuring thrillers, erotica, young adult novels and more, you might be surprised to learn which books you've read, and which ones you still need to check off your TBR list. When the original Kindle launched in , it was so popular, that it sold out within just a few hours. Despite nostalgic bibliophiles myself included who tried to resist the technological advances in reading, the iconic e-reader quickly took over the book world and changed the way interacted with their libraries. Now, ten years and so many cool and unique updates later, the Kindle in all of its many forms is a favorite among book nerds, even readers like me who swore they'd never make the switch.

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