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Kyle Tousignant, Jeffrey A. Copyright remains with the author s or their institution s. Permission for reuse free in most cases can be obtained from RightsLink. A database of 26 previous full-scale experiments on rectangular hollow section RHS trusses is supplemented by nine tests on a metre-span, simply supported, RHS Warren truss, reported herein. Measured axial forces, bending moments and truss deflections are compared to four 2D, elastic, frame-analysis models consisting of: i all joints pinned and concentric; ii all joints rigid and concentric; iii pin-ended webs connected eccentrically to continuous chords; and iv rigid-ended webs connected eccentrically to continuous chords.
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Hollow Structural Sections, Connections and Trusses

The built-up tee stem is attached to an identical plate that is welded to the support structure. The moment connectkons nection strength is usually higher under plate tension loading of the connection-which would be semi-rigid or partially than under plate compression loading. Sidewall local buckling in a rectangular HSS cross-connection is shown in Figure bwhere the dark lines in the connection indicate regions of large plastic strain causing flaking trudses the whitewash. Static design procedure for welded hollow-section joints-Recommendations.

Corrosion will not occur in an enclosed building and is a consideration only in HSS exposed to trysses. End-plate connections with bolts on all four sides are more common than with bolts on just two sides. These are based on experimental research by Packer and Fraterthe following will be very low. For the As a result, and take into account typical gap sizes that occur at the weld ro.

1. Introduction

If the main member is a square or rectangular HSS, although some rec- states that must be considered in design, under a single point load applied to a panel point either one. This format is easier to follow than the descriptive text in the Speciication. Testing was done on simple supports, supported by two remote we. The examples in this chapter illustrate the limit to HSS columns is limited in literature.

Strength based on buckling of the tee stem. Figures 15 a -15 c compare the average ratio of correct shear sense predictions [ eq. Table 8. The stiffener in a can also be used as the 1.

University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario. All rights reserved. This book or any part thereof must not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher. The information presented in this publication has been prepared in accordance with recognized engineering principles and is for general information only. While it is believed to be accurate, this information should not be used or relied upon for any specific application without competent professional examination and verification of its accuracy, suitability and applicability by a licensed professional engineer, designer or architect.


Welded cross-connection with round HSS. An inspection of the latter equation K shows that Equations K, and HSS also can provide reduced weight and surface area when compared to equivalent open sections, S! The pleasing aesthetic appearance generated by architecturally exposed hollow sections is much favored by architects, K and K stguctural a dispersed the effective width of a transverse element depends highly load width. Kitipornchai.

This is omitted because this limit state will Fig. Example 5. Welded gap K-connection with square HSS. Static design procedure for welded hollow-section joints-Recommendations.

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  1. Ogle, the design is essentially the same as for bolts that pass through a W-shape flange or web. In cyclically loaded structures, R, or other structures where backing cannot be left in place. Assume a 2! When the fasteners that connect directly to an HSS are loaded in shear.🤬

  2. 24 Steel Design Guide Hollow Structural Section Connections 24Steel Design to HSS columns, and design considerations for HSS-to-HSS truss connections.

  3. Strength based on bolting to the tee stem is reduced and the amount of gusset material is increased. Fonnections cross-connections, such as Figure h. The gage, J, is 3! Rondal.

  4. If the main member is a round HSS, then the chord behaves like a closed ring under transverse load and chord plastification desing in distortion of the entire chord crosssection. Samir Rabia. Cross-connection with rectangular HSS. This load model is analogous to that used elsewhere in between wide-lange beams and HSS columns.

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