Parametric and feature based cad cam pdf

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parametric and feature based cad cam pdf

Parametric Modelling, Process, Advantages and Parametric Modelling Tools.

The term " feature " implies different meanings in different engineering disciplines. This has resulted in many ambiguous definitions for feature. A feature, in computer-aided design CAD , usually refers to a region of a part with some interesting geometric or topological properties. Form features contain both shape information and parametric information of a region of interest. They are now ubiquitous in most current CAD software, where they are used as the primary means of creating 3D geometric models.
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Lec-43 What is CAD/CAM

Parametric and Feature-Based CAD/CAM: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications

In Chu and Gadh [10] features are classified according to the number of possible tool approaches for machining. Categories : 3D computer graphics Computer-aided design Euclidean solid geometry! Engineering drawings can be created semi-automatically and reference dad solid models. A undergraduate, graduate and research scholar like me can follow the book without any difficulty.

Thus the majority of parts that are cm are of standard nature. The problem that arises is that for every different task i. In the former, algebra techniques are used to determine the best possible way that equations can be solved for geometric constraint satisfaction! A boundary- based technique for feature extraction is presented by Qamhiyah et al [36].

Typically, allowing no uniform overall treatment, assemblies, but essentially. These will be discussed in more detail in the following sectio. A considerable amount of family-specific information must be built into the algorithms and therefore each generic primitive must be treated as a special case. This scheme is essentially a list of spatial cells occupied by the solid.

Manufacturing features such as 3-axis and 5-axis feature recognition are generally not available in such commercial systems. Individual instances can then be generated by declaring values for these variables and parameters, and then re-executing the procedural data structure! In the graph-based feature recognition, a graph showing the topology of the part connection of faces is created. A central problem in all these applications is the ability to effectively represent and manipulate three-dimensional geometry in a fashion that is consistent with the physical behavior of real artifacts.

Solid modeling or modelling is a consistent set of principles for mathematical and computer modeling of three-dimensional solids. Solid modeling is distinguished from related areas of geometric modeling and computer graphics by its emphasis on physical fidelity.
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