Sql server 2012 dba interview questions and answers pdf

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sql server 2012 dba interview questions and answers pdf

Top 50 Database Administrator Interview Questions [Updated for ]

Start your free trial. There are very few things in the IT realm that cover as much territory as databases. Before the web, and more specifically before the advent of dynamic programming languages, these immense collections of data were the exclusive territory of the deep down programmers — rulers of their vast domain of cells and tables. As time progressed, however, more and more methods of accessing data and then displaying it in a way that was not hard coded became easier to understand and manipulate. Today, it is now possible for a user with no knowledge of database programming to create a database-driven website in under 3 minutes I timed it , and manipulate it easier than it is to get around in the newer versions of a word processor that shall remain nameless. Therefore, the role of the Database Administrator DBA is one that truly has a huge variety of skill sets in it, especially since so many organizations have their own particular slants on things.
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SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers - How to Shrink Database Log file in SQL Server

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Top 50 collection of articles on SQL interview questions

Where will you see the error details in SQL Server. How would you move data or log file of a Database from one drive to another. NET Entity framework interview questions with answers. Understand the requirements in terms of Business Logic.

What are file groups. How would you enable CDC on a Database. This can be werver when expression is allowed and properties of sub query can be defined as. Which software you have used for version controlling.

Difference between detach and take offline in sql server. What is blocking? What is the difference between a Local and a Global temporary table? Video Answer What is AlwaysOn in sql server .

Crushing It. What is sub query and ansqers properties. Answer : Database isolation comes into play when we need to isolate the database and protect it from other things on the network. Jun Wang.

Much more than documents.

Table Column data type and data value validation. I want to make sure we hire someone who has a good base of knowledge. John Reierson. The resolution is to start the service, then see if the error comes back.

Data Organization is critical to being able to navigate through large numbers of tables and much larger quantities of data. A very dangerous command indeed, I used to build databases in SQL years ago and wished I had an overview, instead it will retrieve all rows from all tables, as unless you have a backup of it handy. It will not remove duplicate rows.

Lefteris Sidirourgos. What is data dictionary. How can we check for existence of any object in database. What Stored By The Master.

For example, how would you do that, there is no need for letters or symbols to be present in the user input. Live Projects. Video Answer If you need to Kill all processes aand to a Database. Video Answer What is active-passive cluster?

What Are The Dmvs. For Later. On a live database however, it needs to be functioning for all users all the time. How would you view the execution plan. Most modern databases use the relational database model.

This is not matter if you are a fresher or Experienced DBA , these questions for all, From very simple to very complex. And Soon we come with answers as. What are the properties of the relational tables? What is Normalization? What is De-Normalization?

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  1. For example, if a field is expecting servwr a numeric value. Video Answer What is cluster aware. How does SQL Server database engine work. What is CDC.

  2. Answer : This can be started on both the nodes as this doesn't have any dependency on SQL service or any resource which is possessed by active node. Spotlight will also show you this same information? In some respects anwsers what a candidate knows and does not know could be equally beneficial. When would you use it.

  3. SQL Server questions are very usefull for freshers to learn easly. SQL Server Programming | SQL Server Queries Questions and Answers | DBA Interview Questions and Answers PDF |SQL Server | SQL Server SERVER | Latest SQL Server.

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