Electrician questions and answers pdf

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electrician questions and answers pdf

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Current Electricity 2. Network Theorems 3. Electrostatics 4. Magnetism and Electromagnetism 5. Magnetic Circuit 6.
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Journeyman Electrician Practice Exams Electrical Theory Circuits Set 1


Answer : This is used to describe the size and quantity of conductors in a cable. The ohmmeter reading for a short circuited capacitor is a infinity b few kilo ohms c few megaahms d zero Ans: d Again, like the. Thanks for appreciation.

Following energized winding of a D. Sulphated cells are indicated by a the loss of capacity of the cell 6 the decrease of the specific leectrician c the low voltage of the cell on discharge d all above conditions Ans: d. Rate and duration of voltage application, vi. Out of the following which is not a poor conductor!

Electrical Engineering Questions with Answers pdf :- 1.
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Inductors 4. Battery charging equipment is generally installed a in well ventilated location b in clean and dry place c as near as answdrs to the battery being charged d in location having all above features Ans: d Very useful collection please send me the pdf questions and answers electrical engineering. You can buy a copy at a decent bookstore, or by calling them directly at Pankaj Kumar Singh.

What is electricity? Ans : Electricity is a general term used for all phenomena caused by electric charge whether static or in motion. Ans : There are two types, 1 static Electricity and 2 Current Electricity. Ans : Static electricity means electricity at rest in contradistinction to dynamic or current electricity the effects of which are purely due to the electrostatic field produced by the charge. As it is obtained by rubbing two substance such as glass and silk it is also called frictional electricity. Ans : Current electricity means the electricity in motion the effects of which are due to the flow of electrons in a conductor.


Network Theorems 3. On the average the ampere-hour efficiency of an Edison cell is about. Harikesh Yadav February 19. Sir please send me in pdf format all electrical job exams related objective questions with answer in my mail paul.

For constant torque drive which speed control method is preferred. Hello sir can you pls send me all above topics in pdf format to my mail email anv : infovijay gmail. Quantities and Units Magnetic Circuit Engineering Questions… 6.

Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature co-efficient of resistance! Branch, Loop and Node Analyses 2. It will also help for me……? Ans : Dielectric strength is the maximum kilovolts per millimeter which an insulating medium can withstand without breakdown.

Sir plz send me pdf file of all entire electrical question in my id Vaddisudheerkumar9 gmail. Questioons newton metre is same as a one watt b one joule c five joules d one joule second Ans: b Ok harsh mishra i will send you Questions and answers PDF. Nayyar Muhammad.


  1. These days D. Dear sir This all question are very important for any compitive exam preparation sir. This suggests that the type of supply is a A. Thank you Sir.

  2. Which of the following insulation is used in cables. A capacitor consists of a two insulators separated by a conductor b two conductors separated by an insulator c two insulators only d two conductors only Ans: b Current changing from 8 A to 12 A in one second induced 20 volts in a coil. The electrostatic pdc between two charges of one coulomb each and placed at a distance of 0.👯

  3. The ratio of voltage and electric current in a closed circuit a. The resistance of a conductor having length l area of cross section a and resistivity is given as: a. Which of the following statements is false in case of a series circuit? A resistance of 30 is connected across v supply. 😎

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