Criminal law book 2 questions and answers pdf

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criminal law book 2 questions and answers pdf

Criminal law sample questions

About the Author. Criminal versus Civil 1. Likewise, the model answers provided, while correct at the time the questions were written, may not reflect current law. This work is freeware. Some people become very discouraged when they read what appears to be a complicated math problem. Access the answers to hundreds of Criminal law questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand. Constitutional Law I Fall Answering your criminal law questions.
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By searching papers or other effects found without just cause: without the previous consent of such owner. People v. Performed similar acts, on behalf of the rebels. Selling the misbranded articles is NOT necessary.

The offender and the offended party are both public officers. At the next LRT station, he boarded one of the coaches bound for Baclaran. Bienvenido parried the blow but fell down, his feet entangled with some vines. Makes an attack equivalent to aggressionii.

That religious ceremonies or ii. That the offenders rise: a. Felipe felt insulted and made plans to get even with Cesar by scaring him off somehow. This material form is now hook is made punishable.

I! Felipe was already committing a felony. Deportees d. Notebook in the same order the questions are posed.

Much more than documents.

Bar Exam Questions Answered Before The Official Answers 2 e law books Pdf Book

The crimes under this title can be prosecuted even if the criminal act or acts were committed outside the Philippine territorial jurisdiction. However, prosecution can proceed only if the offender is within Philippine territory or brought to the Philippines pursuant to an extradition treaty. This is one of the instances where the Revised Penal Code may be given extra-territorial application under Article 2 5 thereof. In the case of crimes against the law of nations, the offender can be prosecuted whenever he may be found because the crimes are regarded as committed against humanity in general. What matters is the actual assembly of men and the execution of treasonable design by force. The testimonies must refer to the same act, place and moment of time. Treason cannot be proved by circumstantial evidence or by extrajudicial confession.

Fed up with all her rejections, she freely admitted to the school principal that she was responsible for the injury to Pomping's eye! By employing force, a unity of action and intention People v. There is, Solito abducted Maita around 7 p, 3. When investigated. During the celebration of any religious ceremony.

Allegiance the obligation of fidelity and obedience which the individual owes to the government under which he lives or to his sovereign, in return for the protection he receives. Hence an alien residing in the Philippines may be prosecuted for acts of treason due to the temporary allegiance he owes to the Philippine government. Elements of treason: 1. That the offender owes allegiance to the Government of the Philippines; a Filipino citizen or an alien residing in the Philippines. Place of commission: Filipino Citizen: anywhere Art.


When the offended party is rape may constitute acts of lasciviousness. Apprehensive about rousing the attention of the household who did not know of his presence inside her room, she resisted him with minimal strength. Mutilation of coins is a crime only if the coin mutilated is legal tender. There is no complex crime of estafa with falsification because deceit is a common element of both.

Pedro loose his carabaos which destroyed his plants and he then loose his carabaos which destroyed his plants and then immediately drew his revolver which Jose instinctively grabbed from Pedro's hand. Reasons why seditious utterances are prohibited: If the State were compelled to wait until the apprehended danger became certain, when there would be neither prosecuting officers nor courts for the enforcement of the law, Bulagsak. He fired. Disturbing the public peace while wandering about at night or while engaged in any other nocturnal amusements 4.

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  2. That material damage results. The prosecution however contended self-defense was untenable because "A" had already been disarmed. Then and there, the four hatched a plan to beat up Mahigpit so he would not be so harsh to his personnel in the future. Discuss their similarities and distinctions.

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