Ielts speaking books and films

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ielts speaking books and films

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2: Describe A Book You Have Recently Read | DailyStep English

By the way I talked about the Game of Thrones the final season episode 3. Kind of disappointed about the last season, but the show is indeed a good show. I recommend you guys to watch it. Hi Benjamin… I like this class, because the subject is about my favourite hobbys…films and books See you!!!! My first lesson. Very interesting. In the middle of the night, and while she was fast asleep, she heard someone talking to her through the window and gazing at her.
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Vocabulary you MUST have for IELTS test band 8 - Topic book and film

Sample answers.

IELTS Speaking Topic: Films

No worries, I respect your privacy and I will never abuse your email. About me Hi, my name is Elizabeth Liz. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about a book that had a major influence on me. Some readers are easily affected emotionally by what they bookks.

The original author is unknown. Vibha says. All Speeaking have to do is adjust the brightness of my smartphone screen to read well. Talk about a book one of your friends recommended you?

IELTS speaking Part 2 Book

[IELTS SP2] Sample Answer - Books (Movies)

You should say:. It is a thick, factual book about many different subjects. It is really a collection of information and anecdotes related to our private lives, past and present. The book is mainly about things that have been included in our homes over the centuries. The author started out by wondering about the history of everything in his own home. As it is a factual book rather than a novel , it does not have a plot as such.

I Got How does parents moving to abroad affect children. Level 3: Intermediate Level. How books can impact on a man's life. I like your lessons.

You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish. Not sure, if I am smart or a bookworm, but I do love to read books once in a while if they are a good read. This book has established itself as a modern classic, universally admired and loved by people. I heard about the book for the first time during my university years when one of my university friends was doing some research on the Islamic heritage of Andalusia, which was ruled by my the Muslim rulers from 8th century to 14th century, in order to write an essay on it. Anyway, the book is essentially a third-person narration which tells about the story of a young shepherd boy Santiago from Andalusia who dreams to travel around the whole world.


Write a letter to the person thanking him for returning your driving license Ask him how he got that license How important was that license to you Way you want to thank that person for sending that. Moreover, culture and so on and become more open-minded by reading books, my mom used to tell me stories from different books so this is the reason that I am aware of the fairytales, I try to read books and speakibg is a hobby I immensely enjoy. Whenever I get time. When I was younger!

Do you like music 4. You can just take it chapter by chapter, or even page by page, to be honest speaaking I like catching the latest movies with my friends. Quite oft. Examiner: Do you like to read books.

Each chapter is written like a storyand for me it was a real page-turn.

Cookbooks or recipe books belong to non-fiction category since it consists of factual information and a step-by-step guide in cooking. Pls you did not use past tenses in your story book. Part 2 -style task. Thanks Liz bookks your reply.

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