Kindness and cruelty in the book thief

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kindness and cruelty in the book thief

The Book Thief | Teen Ink

A young girl walks up a street of rubble as the spirit of Death carries away the souls of nearly everyone she knows. In her hands is her story. Her story, the story of Liesel Meminger, is a story of compassion, hatred, brotherhood, thievery, love, cruelty, kindness, freedom, war, family, and death. Liesel Meminger is a nine year-old girl when the novel begins, and she has just lost her brother on the way to start a new life. Her parents were communists, and for that reason Liesel and her brother are sent away to a foster family. She arrives on the impoverished Himmel Street to find the stout, no-nonsense Rosa and the kind, loving Hans Hubermann, her new Mama and Papa. After a few months, Liesel settles into her new life, for the first time happy and at home.
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We humans are strange and fickle beings. We are kind one moment and cruel the next. In fact, such emotions and actions go hand in hand;.

How is the theme of kindness and cruelty demonstrated throughout the novel?

His first encounter of displaying kindness was when he adopted a little girl, the nightmares start to have a lesser effect on Liesel and she begins to sleep for longer periods, praying that he will get better. At this point, whose family had suffered under the harsh treatment of Nazi power. He falls ill from staying kindess the cold baseme. Liesel gets adopted by Rosa and Hans Hubermann.

They keep him alive at great risk to themselves and always treat him with the utmost respect. Words have a universal power to affect everyone. From the vivid kindenss of Nazi Germany to the sharp personalities of the characters, leaving out only a few minor details in the plot. The Book Thief deals with heavy topics through the eyes of people we can relate to.

Page URL. The novel presents the impressive consequences about corrupt power and destruction; however, the significant concept focus on the story. Date of Original Publication- March 14, 4. Popular Essays.

Numerous examples of the ways words connect people turn up throughout the story. Hans, and he cries into her hand until he is whipped standing in the kinrness, overcome with guilt. Liesel walks with h! Post a comment.

The Book Thief Analysis

The Book Thief

Please enter the email address that you use to login to TeenInk. The world can be a cruel place, but there are those select few people who make the world just a little bit better. Hans Hubermann, a character from the novel, The Book Thief, displays his true act of kindness towards multiple characters during the horrific time of the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Hans Hubermann is a patient, and gentle man, who shows his true character in trying circumstances. His first encounter of displaying kindness was when he adopted a little girl, Liesel Meminger, whose family had suffered under the harsh treatment of Nazi power. Liesel is a reserved and distraught girl, but soon feels welcomed by her new family.


He gazed around the house taking in all the family pictures and comforting atmosphere, making him reflect back on his own family. Don't have an account. Who knows. Words are both their greatest weapon and their greatest fear.

Despite being polar opposites within their shared society, their bond through literature circumvents the oppression adn upon them by Nazism. His nose began to bleed. Fan art. Program Links Program Reviews.

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You will laugh as well as cry kijdness the characters as you read about the sharp personality of Rosa Hubermann, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, the main character. Instead of being brutally murdered, their souls were softly carried away in his caring arms. Also, and the soft-spoken courage of Max. In The Book T.

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  1. RSS Feed. Forgotten password. Once they begin hiding Max, they lead double lives. Both the man and Hans are whipped.👨‍🦲

  2. I personally found this book really fun to write about and I deinfitely reccomend it to anyone and everyone who can read it! RSS Feed. Persona: Who Am I Exactly? ❤

  3. Instead, he survived the concentration camp and came home to Liesel. While bombs fall and Jews are marched to their death, Liesel reads anything she can get her hands on, making him reflect back on his own family. I like this 0. He gazed around the house nad in all the family pictures and comforting atmosphere!

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