Deep and wide book summary

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deep and wide book summary

5 Lessons from Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley – Faithful & Fruitful

And to this day I am grateful that I have been able to spend my life this way. So when my professors assigned a number of books on pastoral leadership and church growth, I was happy to read them. I had fundamental questions to answer before I hoped to lead a church: What is the church? What does it mean to be a pastor? How do these two church and pastor fit together? What is success in ministry?
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Deep and Wide

Book Review - Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley (part 1)

Other Editions Thank you for your incite. We are His body and since people who were nothing like Jesus like Jesus, people who are nothing like Jesus should like us as well. It took 7 years for me to finally give in - and it was the happiest time of my life when I finally made the decision to get out of the military.

For some men, that plan is to be a preacher. He was constantly playing to the consumer instincts of His crowds. Yes and no. I am afraid I must give up.


That being said, yes. They come to witness these supernatural realiti. But with that last one- we had no supernatural sense of compulsion. I agree with everything in this chapter.

But he was willing to volunteer. Yes the church has issues but we are forgiven not perfect. I am simply trying my best to articulate something that is very hard to articulate? I think "burning conviction" is the best explanation I have.

I am simply trying my best to articulate something that is very hard to articulate. It is a bit of consumerism. The main thing that I disagree on is the total focus of the book which is changing a church for the sake of unbelievers. He saw the grace of one church ddeep the hypocrisy of his own. They need specific direction.

I had a chance to read a pre-release copy and walked away with a number of significant lessons. Despite coming in at pages, it was a quick and engaging read. In fact, I read almost the whole thing in one day. Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley is broken into five major sections. Here are the titles, subtitles, and my one-sentence summary of each section:. The first section of the book is remarkably personal and vulnerable. Stanley recounts the lessons he learned from his parents, particularly his high-profile father, Charles Stanley.


Tyler and William, you have strong feelings about something the Bible doesn't talk about. This is like "Behind the Music" for church leaders. Scenescape Media. Any discussion about wkde or pastoral ministry should begin there.

Since personal ministry is an integral component to spiritual growth, as soon as possible, Andy tells his own story as well as the story of North Point Community Church. This is very autobiographical. God didn't chase us and break us down after we ran. I am simply trying my best to articulate something that is very hard to articulate.

I strongly disagree with Andy Stanley on many issues. The avenues we explored all seemed too imposing for where we were financially, Merv Budd rated it really liked it, and prayed. Jun 25. I tried to run away from that calling.

A leader who continually keeps the vision out in front of his or her staff creates a thirst for improvement. That went over well. The answer is simple. Stanley shows how North Point became "a church unchurched people love to attend.

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  1. After reading so many positive and so few critical reviews on this book I decided to throw down some thoughts. Just felt like this review My first book review may be helpful. Obvious I know. Chapter 1 and 2 chronicle the story well. 🤧

  2. Near the beginning of his new book Deep and Wide he writes, “One of the perplexing things we face as church leaders is that most church.

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