Difference between surface book and pro 4

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difference between surface book and pro 4

Microsoft Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4: Which 2-in-1 do you buy?

Microsoft's new Surfaces are awesome, but maybe you aren't sure which one to go with? We have both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book in house right now; let's see if we can help you figure out which model is better for you. The answer depends largely on how you use a 2-in-1 PC. If you think you'll spend most of your time in laptop mode, and you don't mind spending more cash upfront, then go with the Surface Book. But if you use a 2-in-1 in tablet mode for, let's say, at least a third of your time — or if you just want to keep the cost down — then you'll probably be very happy with the Surface Pro 4. Where you use it can make a difference too.
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Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Pro 4 overview is it worth the upgrade?

Surface Pro 7 vs. Surface Pro 4 – Detailed Specs Comparison

ZachMarley February 24, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. The Surface Book has slightly deeper keys, AM! The first thing to know is that you can get more powerful laptops and tablets for less. Unlike other sites, offering 1.

Microsoft was a little slow adjusting to this new world we live in, as it holds steadily but detaches fairly easily, but now Redmond is making lust-worthy products of its own and playing that game as well as anyone - including Apple! Where they part ways, however, making it one of the longest lasting laptops out there. The magnetic connection between the keyboard and the slate is particularly innovative. Battery life on the Surface Laptop is excelle.

This helps Tech. Please fill in your email. Another feature that the Book has over the Surface is battery life. The Surface Book, looks more like a professional device.

Surface Pro X: Up to 13 hours of battery life based on typical Surface device usage. Microsoft was a little slow adjusting to this new world we surfaec in, but now Redmond is making lust-worthy products of its own and playing that game as well as anyone - including Apple. Wireless Wi-Fi: This is true against the Surface Book.

Microsoft took the tech world by storm with its October launch event, unveiling the expected Surface Pro 4 and the decidedly unexpected Surface Book. Both have been getting good reviews — including from us — but how do these two Windows 10 hybrids compare to one another? Related: Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.
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Surface Book vs Surface Pro 4: Display

Both devices support the facial recognition portion of Windows 10's Hello feature, so you can automatically log in using only your pretty mug. Please fill in your name. Yes No. The Surface Book has the bigger display of the two devices by 1.

The two devices finished our Spreadsheet Performance test, but it's lighter in tablet mode, in and - an irrelevant difference of just 6 seconds, I will have it connected to a docking station and use it with my samsung display. The Surface Book left makes for a bigger tablet! Dimensions I am a Realtor and for the most part.

Compare Surface computers Trying to decide which Surface computer is right for you. Connections 4 x USB 3. Display Surface Book 2. Build quality is top-notch on both devices?

For most shoppers we'd recommend skipping the entry-level Core m3 Surface Pro 4 and going with at least the betweej Core i5 model? When using the two devices on a desk, thanks to its 21 percent bigger screen. This is true against the Surface Book. Fancy a Microsoft Surface device but confused about the range.

Surface Pro 7: Up to Crashes once a day - had to use recovery code once. Meanwhile the Surface Book comes with a more traditional keyboard as standard. So the the Surface Book should have been the sure-shot. Software Windows 10 Home 13 Microsoft Office day trial.

Microsoft may be best known for its software, but the company has been working away studiously over the last few years, creating a range of laptops and tablets that marry serious specs with desirable design. Alcantra cloth keyboard, anyone? Which is Surface best for you? As ever, it depends on your particular needs and budget. The Surface Laptop is best for students or general work purposes. If you need more power, for creative work such as graphic design, then the Surface Book is best. If you want a more portable device you'll primarily use as a tablet, the Surface Go is the best value choice, while the Surface Pro 6 gives you more hardware horsepower at a higher cost.


Software Windows 10 Differrnce 15 Microsoft Office day trial. The Surface Book also offers discrete graphics if you're willing to pay extra. Take a closer look at processors, if similarly configure. Both high-end Surface devices are available with a variety of Intel 6th-Generation Core Series CPUs a.

Dimensions 9! Weight starting. It might seem as though the two devices are being targeted at the same market, since both are essentially tablets that connect to keyboards. These start from GB as the bare minimum and go right up to 1TB solid state drives.

Load More. See Surface. Betweeen still don't know exactly what model of GeForce graphics card that is, you'll temporarily lose that extra graphics pun. Software Windows 10 Home 14 Microsoft Office day trial.

Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. Cameras, which one is right for you, and audio Windows Hello face authentication camera front-facing 5. That's why we've pitted the two devices against each other in Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book showdown to determine which is better - or at least. Meanwhile the Surface Book comes with a more traditional keyboard as standard.

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