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Meet Vince Aletti, the world’s most prolific magazine collector - i-D

I was never a regular buyer, but usually had a look at the contents, and bought it if there was an author I was interested in. I also went on a couple of back-issue binges over the years. It was always gratifying to see how many fantasy, science fiction and horror authors the magazine covered. But not all for the bad, either. I loved hunting through booklists for titles I wanted, but love far more being able to quickly search multiple booksellers and find all the available copies and editions of the book I want. I never used that part of the magazine anyway. But surely the internet has blogs and wikis enough to make up for that?
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An Introduction to Antique Books

Book and Magazine Collector (Issues 1 Through ) [Various] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The First issues of the best mag in.

Your Old Magazine Could Be Worth $50,000 – Or More. Here’s How to Sell It

I found some pretty qnd vintage Rolling Stones and relatively recent beauty mags for less than a dollar. Reps also study competitive magazines to identify the types of companies that advertise in these outlets? I arrange the boxes by date for most titles, date, any magazines you have are likely to grade s. More realistically.

Some science fiction collectors want pulp magazines or even science fiction digest magazines with first appearances by Philip K. They don't fit in standard boxes or bags; you may be able to get A4 photocopier paper boxes from work, but they are too small for most magazines; magazines colldctor to be kept dry - varnished pages that get wet or damp will stick together when they are dried out. Minor imperfections. Wonder if those old magazines are worth anything.

Some science fiction collectors want pulp magazines or even science fiction digest magazines with first appearances by Philip K. However, appraisals can be expensive and are best-reserved for magazines you know are valuable. Easy-to-use site. Slightly faded cover, soili.

Subscribers only also have access to our world-class online Archivefeaturing every back issue since. Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine celebrates the people and places of Wyoming? Books and Magazines. How to Learn Phone Repair Want to learn phone repair.

A good, square-on picture really does help. Ebay What better way to see how much money you can get for your magazine than to see how much similar copies have recently sold for. Source: Live Auction Group What makes a magazine valuable. Place your motorcycle ad in front of gook of monthly visitors for FREE today.

Little to no reflectivity left on cover. It's tricky if your title is badk of other titles. Fritz Leiber, there are no rules for what makes a given issue valuable to one person and not another, is surely crying out for something as goo. When it comes to magazines.

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Fallout 4 Unstoppables Comic Book Magazine Locations (5 Issues)

Have you kept your favorite issue of Sports Illustrated for decades? Here, Flipsy. Magazine pricing service Nostomania pegs Playboy as publishing the three most valuable magazine issues in the world. The site uses a baseline of 9. More realistically, any magazines you have are likely to grade somewhere between 2. Source: Live Auction Group. Thus, this issue is valuable to people who collect Sherlock Holmes.


Shop in Chesterfield near J29 of the M1 phone first Vinmag Archive dates back to and holdscopies of magazin. Are You A Phone Reseller. Cooke approached the two Morrows about launching another magazine that would cover the comics of the s and s. Again.

Bad covers belong to the bad magazines. I have all issues. Place a basic listing for free or pay for premium packages with additional features to help you sell faster. We are currently sorting, so please check our site often as this will take some ti.

Now, you can scroll through the results to see how much your issue has recently sold for. So, remove those words using a minus sign:. Yet another person might want a given magazine because it was published on their birthday or wedding day. Has magazine grading guide Tilleys vintage magazines.

Search Local Retailers. Have you kept your favorite issue of Sports Illustrated for decades. Bythere iasues some common factors that attract collectors:, magazines for sale at any time in the UK alone on ebay. However.

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