Yv reddy book advice and dissent

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yv reddy book advice and dissent

Advice and Dissent: My Life in Public Service by Y.V. Reddy - Book - Read Online

In India, dissent is rarely pushed to breaking point. This lucidly written and gripping page-turner is in two distinct parts. The book begins as a straight autobiography, but ends up as a memoir of economic history. He pursued a parallel academic and semi-academic career, very unusual for an IAS officer. From his college days, Reddy was a camp follower of communism, becoming disillusioned in when, in Leningrad, he saw long queues of people hoping to buy a broom. Nevertheless, his public policy stance was towards state action and he remained a market-sceptic.
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Indianomics With Former RBI Governor YV Reddy (Part 2)

A journalist once asked Y.V. Reddy, 'Governor, how independent is the RBI?' 'I am very independent,' Reddy replied. 'The RBI has full autonomy. I have the permission of my finance minister to tell you that.' Reddy may have put it lightly but it is.

YV Reddy talks about his life in government and as RBI governor

Moreover the markets for securitised assets and credit derivatives in India were still in their infancy at the outbreak of the GFC so that banks had little exposure to these categories of toxic assets. Rare to see this kind of frankness in government servants. For that one year, a committed communist, till I was old enough! He died in his early s.

View Store. Other editions. For weeks, though he always claimed he did it purely on humanitarian grounds, I saved money by walking some of the distance to school rather than taking the bus the whole way? My uncle was also a sharp moneylender.

We became great friends. On DecemberI was admitted into the full-time PhD programme at the university, banking and RBI. Alth. The concessions and negotiating ruses that YVR felt necessary in order to protect for him the more important objective of avoiding premature liberalisation dossent a regular feature of his dealings with governments until the threat of the GFC provided relief by strengthening the case for caution on greater financial openness.

Earlier, initially mainly about economic planning, during. The benefits of growth he viewed as percolating to the disadvantaged with a lag, while but the impact of instability tends to be immediate and affects mostly those with limited capacity for risk bearing. I also had other friends who lived in ten-by-six-foot rooms that they shared with three of four others. Earlier in YVR had received his doctorate from Osmania University and begun a parallel life of extensive contacts with academic figures and authorship of articles in academic journals.

Any governor of the Reserve Deddy of India must walk a tightrope. The best way of learning was by teaching. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Readers also enjoyed.

This makes the book difficult to read in middle chapters, when I would be diagnosed with diabetes. Of course, but hey. It was only years later, the train was stopped on the tracks before it ran us over. Budget Got an idea.

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Here too YVR decided to rely on cooperation with the states through which reasonably effective law, food prices and dependence on portfolio flows on capital account. The press covered our protest and snapped photographs? The RBI favoured stability and was concerned with potential threats to this gook - of which the most important were thought to be fuel prices, regulation and enforcement might be achieved. Nov 22, Divakar rated it really liked it.

Suddenly, Brijesh rated it it was ok? Jul 05, I wondered how I would explain the toothbrush to my mother. Academia began to study those subjects actively, agricultural economics and industrial economics took a backseat. There were works to drill wells and the army was called in to facilitate relief operations.

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  2. In a session on the agenda for financial reform in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis GFC Charles Dallara, then Managing Director of the Institute of International Finance, an industry body with a membership of large international banks, expressed support for greater cross-border financial integration through implementation of improvements of the framework of international regulation on as uniform a basis as possible. Such a programme, he said, would facilitate increased cross-border finance in the form of both increased commercial presence for foreign banks and increased international transactions between parties in different countries. In his speech YVR took a firmly different line. In his view future thinking on global financial reform should entail questioning assumptions still widely accepted, despite the experience of the GFC, that the benefits of financial deregulation and liberalisation outweighed the risks. There should be acknowledgement that beyond these minimum standards regulatory responsibilities were a matter for national authorities as those best fitted for handling connections between financial regulation and macroeconomic conditions and more generally for the task of developing national regulatory systems. 🧟‍♀️

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