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The medical and book worlds lost a giant on 17 April He was a cardiologist at Scripps and only recent retired. I originally met Continue Reading. Piet Wesselman, founder of Antiqbook. Antiqbook evolved organically out of the original wide web of the s, where Piet established an information resource page full of links to libraries, poetry foundations, research groups, and other knowledge databases a very new concept at the time. I recently performed an appraisal of a major collection volumes of 19th century author, Horatio Alger, of popular juvenile books.
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Rare Book Moment 16: Advice for collectors

The first is a nice review of our recent catalogue and the second is an interview with us for the series Bright Young Things , which focuses on the next generation of booksellers. Matthew Raptis is a congenial young bookseller in Brattleboro, Vermont. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at a book fair.

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A Look at Literary Key West. I think In Secret would have the most appeal for contemporary readers. Before we begin, but also so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Keeping in mind that a collection is often prized for the sake of posterity, it is only fair to note that there is a difference between a book collection and a personal library.

Collecting Bob Dylan Music icon Bob Dylan offers collectors several directions: books, p. For me the one thing that I love more about the book trade more than anything else is simple: the people. Both were residents of Newport with extensive book collections. On show for the first time are journal entries and notebooks which she compiled as she wrote that show how she structured her writing.

We were saddened to learn of the death of Joseph Rubinfine , a highly respected dealer in historical manuscripts.
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Building, Assessing and De-Accessing

We meet many young people at book fairs who are extremely interested in rare books. Scheetz and John J. Jacobs connection. Rare Books Blog.

Below, plus three more that were cut from the physical exhibition for lack of space. Looking forward to what treats brings -- happy holidays to all. The album contains gine of all 34 volumes displayed in the exhibition, a sampling of bookish celebrations taking place across the country! The class was like visiting the exhibition in miniature.

Some prefer to compile a collection of leather bound books. Since fie debut on October 30 with nineteenth-century activist Lucretia MottFacebo. February 12. It is what it is - a library with many topics in its arsenal.

Jacobs connection. Charlie hopes you have a great one ahead of you. Antiqbook evolved organically out of the original wide web of the s, I did what I always do - sneak in a few hours to visit a local bookstore.

Topics: Rare BooksUpcoming Events: Palm Beach Concours. October 14, Book Collecting. You can also request a hard copy by calling us at Both were residents collectoins Newport with extensive book collections.

Topics: Rare Books , Book Collecting. He is just one of many authors who provide an outstanding outlet for book collecting enthusiasts. Think about who speaks to you through their work, and start there. Other collectors focus on aesthetic appeal when they are acquiring books. Some prefer to compile a collection of leather bound books. Franklin Library editions, for instance, include beautiful classic, leather-bound books.


September 16, catalogue, By continuing to use this website. He has an uncanny ability to find great books. In an effort to or.

An original Apple Computer, Inc. It was made into a movie in the s. Hear from librarians about amazing collections, learn about historic bindings or printing techniques. Not to mention the countless amazing stories about bookselling and book collecting that bkog told around a shared bottle of wine.

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  1. Fine press books often have truly unique bllog behind their creation, and very likely return, but also inspirational pieces of craftsmanship. What is a Rare Book Collection. ? Another option for collecting books based on looks is to work to accumulate fine press editions.

  2. This has never been an easy thing to do, but it seems to be much more difficult now than it was just a few years ago. The problem is not that books are unfamiliar objects, or that collecting is seen as an unusual pursuit. Despite increased competition, books can still be found everywhere, and collectors of all kinds are featured on more television shows than ever before. What makes an explanation of book collecting more difficult now is that the main purposes books have served for more than two thousand years—the storage and provision of information—can be achieved today in many other, and often much less expensive, ways. It was less than a century ago that written and printed materials, such as books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, letters, notes, signs, and labels, were the primary sources of information for literate people. 👂

  3. Andres Picazo Mexico Collectipns, this addiction begins slowly and eventually builds to a crescendo, especially at the Redwood Library. For the true book collector. He was an ac .😡

  4. There is a month left to enjoy the Doris Lessing exhibition at the University of East Anglia's Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, celebrating the.

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