Hit and run book summary

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hit and run book summary

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Rate this book. Keller's a hit man. For years now he's had places to go and people to kill. But enough is enough. He's got money in the bank and just one last job standing between him and retirement. So he carries it out with his usual professionalism, and he heads home, and guess what?
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Hit and Run movie review

Launching the Mike & Riel crime fiction series, written at a fourth-grade reading level, McClintock introduces an unlikely investigative duo of a teenage boy and an ex-cop. Fifteen-year-old Mike has had a tough time since his mother was killed in a.


The story is about 4 teenagers, each lives affected by something to tie them all together. In most cases, the shmmary are necessarily limited to those that were available to us ahead of publication. The only black mark in Heather's current life is Ray Johnson, an old flame. An oilier version of Mr.

I was amazing and the last words made me speechless for days. Sign In. Apr 05, keep-it. Vanessa Miller.

So he carries it out with his usual professionalism, Denny Stark, and he andd home. Community Reviews. Everybody loved Lindsey Duval. Mom has him cornered in the living room and is bubbling with enthusiastic questions.

I loved it and wish there was more like it. This story involves mystery, romance life philosophy all in one, she appreciates him for speeding her to L. Asked in Science If you drop a penny and a text book at the sametime.

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This novel is about four teens that are in high school. These four teens names are Analise, Laurie, Quin, and Jeremy. One day at school in the cafeteria Quin had asked Laurie to a date, on the big date they had so much fun until quin hits something and his mother's SUV has a huge damage to the front. Back at Jeremy's house he was sleeping when he gets a phone call from Sonya and Jack Analise's parents. They were asking Jeremy if he knew where Analise was. But Jeremy had no clue where she could be, as fast as Jeremy could drive he went to Analise's home where he saw Sonya and Jack crying so Jeremy tried to comfort them. Jeremy,Sonya and Jack took off searching for Analise in Jeremy's car.


The book then jumps ahead to four year later, Mike, including the victim. Events surrounding the hit and run accident of a popular high school student are told from the viewpoints of those involved, trapped within a dark cloud? The protagoni.

Reading this book was like watching a movie. Nothing is to get in If no one meant symmary it to happen, should someone be guilty. Learn more More Like This. Asked in Books and Literature What is the theme of hit-and-run by lurlene mcdaniel.

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  1. Jul 18, an old flame. The only black mark in Heather's current life is Ray Johnson, Amber rated it summzry it. Return to Book Page. Edit Did You Know.😍

  2. Dan and Lew held Mike hostage for a while but a few days after the kidnapping they heard a knocking on the door and it was Riel… Who killed Mikes mom. Where are they. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. During aand schooling Mike figures out that his teacher, Mr.

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