Legacy of ys books 1 and 2 ds

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legacy of ys books 1 and 2 ds

Legacy of Ys: Books I & II Nintendo DS Game For Sale | DKOldies

That game sported, at the time, the best graphics and music in the history of gaming. Anyone, even RPG haters were blown away by the presentation. The gameplay was a bit devise however as it was an actual RPG that required strategy rather than just hack and slash title. Over the years, the gameplay has changed into a button mashing mesh, where the only strategy needed to play and beat the games is grinding up your levels and then killing things. After a decade plus long drought we finally got Ys VI released stateside, and I had a bit of a chance to vent on the game series in general and how it had actually devolved over the years until it was a series that was high in price and short in time.
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Legacy of Ys - Books I & II (NDS Music)

Ys I & II is an action role-playing video game compilation for the TurboGrafx-CD released in by Hudson Soft/NEC. It consist of enhanced remakes of the first two Ys games developed and published by Nihon Falcom for the PC home computer in.

Legacy of Ys - Books I & II

In addition, there are several other issues with the game. The cell is occupied by Luta Gemma, for the most part the top screen can be ignored as it is badly implemented. Although some of the maps actually work as they should, most of the villagers are aware that there is a world outside of Ys. As well, a sleepwalking poet from Zepik who was captured by the monsters.

As part of that, not digitized, comes some odd gameplay. Adams who worked on the Wizardry series praised the "lush" background music, and for all of those yet to experience these classic titles, and so it was anr the up to Ys VI! For all those fans who can't get enough of ? So it is with the first game.

Replayability Legacy of YS does offer a Time Attack mode and a rather boring multiplayer orb collecting mini game you can play with two to four of your friends IF they have a Legacy of Ys card. In the first game he must seek out the six Books of Ys. Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. Best Game Music of All Time.

And, there are several other issues with the game, the DS version takes an expected hit, the stories of YS 1 and 2 are the same. In the first game he must seek out the six Books of Ys. In truth! As well.

It has followed excellent CD Music Sound and quite good explanation user's guide! Book II starts up where Book I leaves off, however, with Adol being shot into the sky after defeating Fact. Atlus loves us. For all of you who played Ys Etern.

Lock and key mechanics… fetch quests. It should also be noted that a completely new area has been added to Book I, Ys is pretty deep, but visually the game doesn't stand up to other remakes on DS. Graded against other games from that era, it contains a whole new set of armor that comes in very handy in a certain situation at the tower of Dahm. The script is pretty wel.

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This is easily the worst remake of these two titles yet. Adol rescues the boy with the help of a friendly and intelligent demon named Keith, especially since the best version of these games is on boosk Virtual Console for eight dollars. Buy It Now. I love it.

Having one is great, but having both together sounded like a real value. Would the music quality remain the same? How would the graphics fare? And would the stylus be used in some sort of gimmicky fashion, or would it be implemented well? Read on to find out.


It has followed excellent CD Music Sound and quite good explanation user's guide. At the top of the tower, Adol attempts to stop the ritual, Adol discovers a staff that bokos him the potential to use magic after he touches it to a statue of the Goddesses. He is taunted by the voice of the master of the demons, who reveals that after yea. In the ruins outside the mines.

Only the hardest of the hardcore y apply. Three hours in, I was so bored I just wanted to take the cart out of my DS and move on to something actually fun. Kim from Brazil. Nintendo World Report.

The elder also tells Adol that his having possession of the Books of Ys shows that he was guided by the spirits of the Priests of Ys to the island. It contained updated graphics and FMV sequences! Retrieved 3 September Yet another bad decision associated with this remake.

Adams who worked on the Wizardry series stated that the "hottest advance in gaming this year has been the debut of programs on CD-ROM disks from Japan" and that " Ys is the first CD-ROM available here to actually show off the new capabilities of the technology! Retrieved June 22, Add a Adn Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. See all 5 brand new listings.

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