Book of soyga and voynich manuscript

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book of soyga and voynich manuscript

The Book of Soyga, now translated and online - Cipher Mysteries

Text appears to be written in Hebrew with letters rearranged, according to algorithms employed by Canadian researchers. Artificial intelligence has allowed scientists to make significant progress in cracking a mysterious ancient text , the meaning of which has eluded scholars for centuries. Dated to the 15th century, the Voynich manuscript is a hand-written text in an unknown script, accompanied by pictures of plants, astronomical observations and nude figures. Now, computer scientists at the University of Alberta have applied artificial intelligence to the text, with their first goal to establish its language of origin. The scientists set out to employ an algorithm that could decipher the scrambled text that makes up the manuscript. They hypothesised the manuscript was created using alphagrams, or alphabetically ordered anagrams.
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The Mysterious Book NO ONE Can Read: Ancient Voynich Manuscript

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As soon as it was announced that the Book of Sogya was found, numerous cryptographers and lovers of the occult immediately tried to decipher the meaning of its final 36 pages. Lists with This Book. People have studied the book for five centuries. Skip to content.

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Authors from M. James to H. Lovecraft have dabbled with inventing grimoires for their fiction. Just be careful what you do with them…. This huge book dates to the 13th-century Czech Republic.

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