Mount bookshelf speakers to ceiling

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mount bookshelf speakers to ceiling

Ceiling mounting bookshelf speakers for atmos? - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I want to this heavy bookshelf speaker on my ceiling as a center-channel, preferably horizontally, as it's above my projection screen. I want to angle it roughly 20 degrees downward so that it's properly aimed at a listener sitting on a couch about ten feet away. It's 11 x 8. It has no bracket mounting holes, and I'd prefer not to screw into the cabinet, but will do so if necessary. Wall mounted brackets are not going to work, because the screen is in front of a bay window. Shelf is dead easy.
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The Rockville RHSB8 Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounts are here! (How to install wall mount brackets)

Ceiling Speaker Mount

My front ones are fairly close to pointing at my head in my speakets position - see attached photo with the camera positioned where my head is although camera pointing towards right speaker otherwise it is no in the pic. But I am planning to directly mount them in ceiling, exactly like in ceiling speakers. Could I use bookshelf speaker and mount then in the ceiling for the down firing speakers. They are just as described and are already doing their job holding my 36 pound speakers?

I just installed these yesterday and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Jimmy Fix-it Jimmy Fix-it Log in. Quick question: For in-ceiling speakers, you recommend inches of setback from any adjacent wall.

Using lightweight chain will make the mounting of speakers very easy. Forum Rules. Cieling, you may want to give our advisors or techs a shout to help map out your speaker placement. My question is; will I have better sound with in ceiling speakers.

Before getting into the specifics of bookshelf speakers, it is important to understand the difference between bookshelf speakers and powered ceilin. Holds my Klipsch RP - s just fine. Just got the order in the mail yesterday and went to town on them. Is it finished flat.

Crutchfield call centers are located in Virginia USA. Works great. What you want to avoid is placing the speakers directly to the left and right of the TV. Joy, the placement recommendations will apply for your ft.

Related articles In-wall and ceiling speakers buying guide. I am not suggesting monut you actually save any money. If so, that will definitely help! Ofc you know, amount of dispersion you need depends on number of seats in your HT.

Bookshelf Speakers as Part of a Home Theater System

Bookshelf speakers are meant to rest on a shelf, table or other elevated surface — anywhere but the floor. Like anything else, doing your homework before making a decision will definitely pay off. For instance, some are geared specifically for movie buffs , while others are tailored to take your music listening experience to the next level. Just because they're named "bookshelf speakers" does not mean they have to go on a bookshelf. Think outside the box and get creative where you place them. Before getting into the specifics of bookshelf speakers, it is important to understand the difference between bookshelf speakers and powered monitors.


Can I get some guidance from either you or anyone on your team as to where the optimal location is for my 5. But, they aren't something that is filterable within our specs. Seakers your shipment. This lets you change the angle that the tweeter is firing, so that you can direct its sound towards you!

Please visit our Support page to find the help you need. Maybe a pic if you have the time. Where should we place our other two speakers. The general rule is to put bookshelf speakers at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions, angling them towards your preferred listening position.

You can always reduce the output level of those channels if they feel overwhelming relative to the front channels. Dan Hitchman. Right now I'm at the 2x4 stage before sheet rock if I email you some photos and the pdf file of my lay out can you show where you would place the speakers. I synced 4 together and installed them in my family room ceiling.

It would not hang level. I'd install one by the sink and another by the tub to blanket the room with sound. Room boomshelf torn down to studs right now so any placement is available. I have a 10 foot ceiling.

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