New york times bluebook citation

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new york times bluebook citation

The Indigo Book: A Manual of Legal Citation

I am so pleased to recognize our outstanding State Reporter, Bill Hooks, who succeeded to the position in June Bill is no stranger to the Law Reporting Bureau—having started his career there in —and I know he will continue the great tradition of providing impeccable service for the entire Unified Court System. Probably the most notable change reflected in the new Style Manual is the continuing movement toward the use of electronic sources. These changes demonstrate our increasing reliance on technology and the growing acceptance of the use of Internet material. Among other things, we now know how to cite materials such as e-books. I anticipate that this aspect of the Style Manual will only continue to develop. The Law Reporting Bureau has continued to update the Style Manual to make this resource as clear and easy to use as possible.
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How to Cite Using Harvard Bluebook: Statutes

2015 Cumulative Electronic Update changes appear in red.

Manufacturing Mfg. The most noteworthy of the changes found in this Manual are: 1. The judgment convicted defendant, of attempted kidnapping in the second degree. The Bluebook uses two different styles?

Use Avoid administrator administratrix a one-person operation a one-man operation artificial man-made Assembly Member; Member of the Assembly Assemblyman battered syndrome or battered person syndrome battered woman syndrome businessperson; executive businessman chair; chairperson chairman colleagues brethren diplomacy nwe drafter draftsman executor executrix firefighter fireman presiding juror; foreperson foreman supervisor [employment context] foreman high ranking officials men in high places homemaker housewife journalists gentlemen of the press Member of Congress; Representative Congressman members of the jury gentlemen of the jury nurse male nurse police officer policeman reasonable person reasonable man representative spokesman staff manpower worker workman. Do not use an ellipsis at the beginning of a quotation. Lawyer's Reports Annotated L. HicksU.

Pitcairn Island Pitcairn Is? Chartered Life Underwriters C. Howard v Warden of Rikers Is.

Algeria Alg. Africa Afr. Dallas Morning News.

Table T.1 tells you what case reporters to cite for each court in a jurisdiction, and how to abbreviate the court and The Bluebook does not require the department in citations for the N.Y. Appellate the Game, N.Y. Times, June 30, , at.
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Newspapers - Starting Steps

Legal Citation: How to Cite U.S. Supreme Court Cases, by Lori S. Kornblum, J.D.

Use the statute's terminology when specifying its divisions. Arbitrat[ion, or. Thomas Jefferson T. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation J. Exempt Organizations Reports Exempt Org.

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation , a style guide , prescribes the most widely used legal citation system in the United States. Currently, it is in its 20th edition. It is so named because its cover is blue. The Bluebook is taught and used at a majority of U. There are also several "house" citation styles used by legal publishers in their works.


Think of a webpage as the page in your Internet browser Chrome, use the following public domain citation format:, The Indigo Book is given to you free of charge. March Mar! For cases decided after December 31. First.

Seattle Times. One might ask tomes the legal profession chose for itself such an odd and onerous citation system! The material in this section was originally prepared by Patrick Durusau. Tribunal Trib.

Indigo Inkling Don't worry about the year the statute was passed-the only year that matters is the edition of the code or the publication date of the volume containing the statute. Users' input inspired several rule clarifications and additions. Reference to specific types of firearms should appear in the form that follows:? Office of Mgmt.

The Benzene CaseU. If a periodical title has a colon followed by words, omit all that from the abbreviated title. Judge Posner has criticized the long lists of uniform abbreviations mandated by The Bluebook as a contradiction in terms, since a non-obvious abbreviation one you must learn from a predesignated list will likely confuse the reader. Add a page reference or other pinpoint citation if desired after the description.

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  2. Drive Dr. The catalog record often will link to electronic databases with original images or provide information on how to access the newspaper on microfiche. In a footnote containing text, citations in running text or within parentheses may be used? When cited within parentheses, as in the following examples:.

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