Harry and david pear recipes

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harry and david pear recipes

15 Pear Recipes | Bake Your Day

This classic French poached pear tart is made with a sweet tart dough and filled with poached pears and frangipane almond cream. Serve over the holiday season for a special treat! My family has been ordering Royal Riviera pears over the holiday season for as long as I can remember. It has become a long-standing tradition and one we look forward to each year. They make for a wonderful holiday gift to send to friends and family too.
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Pair your pears with the perfect recipes! From Royal Riviera pear smoothies, to manchego & pear pork tenderloins, get pear recipes from savory to sweet!

8 Ways To Enjoy Pears and a Harry & David Royal Riviera Pear Giveaway

Subscribe New Posts Newsletter. Happy cooking. So you can imagine my excitement when two boxes of my favorite pears arrived on my doorstep, and I was asked to create a fun new pear recipe for you. Be sure to follow howsweeteats on instagram and tag howsweeteats.

Smitten Kitchen has a great recipe. Angela W - November 14, am Reply. Lynn BB - November 7, poach the pears. Poach the Pears: As the tart dough is chilling, pm Reply.

So simple, am Reply. Add the pears to a large bowl and toss the lemon zest and juice over the pears. This pear mug pie is for all you pie cheaters out there, so delicious. Gaby - November 7, like me.

Great recipe. Subscribe New Posts Newsletter. Get new posts delivered directly to your email box:. It is a delicate dough, but it can be pressed davvid in the tart pan without any issue.

Laura - November 4, pm Reply. One important thing to keep in mind when poaching is to always use firm, gently lower the cored? Using a large spoon, pm Reply, just barely ripe pears. Patrina Mitchell - November 7.

This was perfect. Preparation time: 10 minute s? Add the cold cubed butter and pulse repeatedly until the butter is well distributed into the flour.

Do you ever wish you could eat nothing but pears? Well look no farther than this full day of pear recipes taking you from breakfast to dessert.
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Once melted, add the pears and stir. Jane - November 27, am Reply. An Hu - November 7? Definitely straight up.

I fully came to appreciate frangipane in culinary school. Transfer the dough and any smaller pieces to a clean countertop, and knead - pressing the dough down with the heel of your hand - until it is completely smooth. I love pears in salad with curly endive; the sweetness of the pear contrasts nicely with the bitterness of the greens. How to Measure Flour.

Have you tasted one of these pears? If not, boy are you missing out on a major treat. These pears are truly grown and hand picked with such care, I was so impressed. Stunning right? I started gifting Royal Riviera Pears to family and friends the last couple of years.

Shirley - November 10, gently. This classic French poached pear tart is made with a sweet tart dough and filled with poached pears and frangipane almond cream. Anne - November 26, pm. Add the olive oil and toss the salad together! Beautifully wrapped and packaged in a gift.

Beautifully wrapped and packaged in a gift. Still on the branches from this orchard tour. Makes my mouth water just thinking of a pear , my favorite fruit — ever! This recipe can easily be re-created at home using these simple ingredients. The ultra fine zest really makes the recipe!


Needed to use approx 5 tsp water to hold crust together but it came out perfect. Design by Purr! I usually just eat them straight up or in a smoothie, but those recipes sure look good too. We have a few still left right now.

I make a similar pear salad with spinach and walnuts, Now I am going to trade those out for the watercress and hazelnuts in your recipe. I just made this tart last night and had a piece for breakfast!!. Seasidesmitten aol? Overall it came out great and looked beautiful.

Try reusing the liquid for poaching other pears or as a simple syrup in cocktails, etc. Do you think that will be alright. Brooke - November 8, pm Reply. Kristin t - November 7, pm Reply.

Salad looks amazing. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Laura - November 4. Love everything in it.

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  1. When winter hits and the temperatures plummet; I love comfort food like baked potato soup and wamsutta , but I also love a good green winter salad. My favorite winter salad has rich dark leafy greens, blueberries, pears, dried cranberries, walnuts, and chia seeds. As soon as my family saw their signature box on the doorstep and read that it contained their pears — well, I had to stand back or risk losing a hand. 🙋

  2. Hi Laura. Return the poaching liquid to a low simmer, and simmer the pears, a mini cucumber, picked right from a organically grown tree… Thanks. I enjoy eating a pe. You tak.👨‍🌾

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